GTA V Uses “Every Ounce Of Processing Power Available” On PS3 And Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto V still hasn’t been announced for next-gen consoles yet (it’s not even announced for PC) but Rockstar have today said that the game “takes full advantage of every ounce of processing power available in the current generation of consoles.”


In a new question and answer session, the developer says GTA V “is the largest and most ambitious game [they] have yet created” and will maximise what the PS3 and Xbox 360 are capable of outputting.

“In order to provide the best possible experience for such a massive and detailed world, the game will have installation requirements on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems,” it continues. The 360 version will be on two disks with the first as an install, and on PS3 it’ll soak up 8GB of your hard drive space in a mandatory install.

And the differences between the two versions? “Completely negligible” this time, apparently. “Players can expect the same great gameplay experience on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms as they have both been developed in tandem.”

“Like all of our games, trust that we’re committed to making sure Grand Theft Auto V looks and runs as great as possible regardless of whether you pick it up for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.”

Rockstar also say that the first gameplay video is coming “soon”.



  1. Hmmm

    I’ve no doubt it’s huuuge & quite a technical achievement, but there’s always another way or optimisations that can be made.

    • Also, this would mean more if it wasn’t coming from Rockstar. They’re hardly likely to say “we totally phoned this one in, it’d probably run on the PS2 tbh”

    • I can’t imagine any game that has to also cater for the Xbox360 will “maximise what the PS3 is capable of outputting.”

      It’s almost certain the PS3 SPUs are all sat there doing nothing more than trivial physics calcs whilst the main game logic funds on the PPE.

      Same lazy cross platform compromise we had to put up with last time out

    • Yeah, if the systems where fully utilised then there would be noticeable differences between them as they have different strengths and weaknesses.

  2. I hate it when people mix units. Why not say ‘every flop’ – that’s the relevant unit and also sounds funny.

    • *Self correction: Technically flops is still the singular.

  3. “Like all of our games, trust that we’re committed to making sure Grand Theft Auto V looks and runs as great as possible regardless of whether you pick it up for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.”

    All? Except for stuff like GTAIV with its reduced PS3 resolution & RDR with its missing assets, shadowing & textures etc.

    Hopefully R* have finally got the hang of open world on PS3 from a parity point of view… Fractionally before it retires

    • Whilst the Xbox has to be catered for with its 2000 era storage problems, and 1980’s serial coding methodology, unlikely.

  4. I wonder how many will try and buy the game and then discover they either don;t have a big enough HDD or one that is too small to play it.

  5. They should be squeezing out every drop of performance from this gen consoles as they’ve had 8+ years to do so. But if they’ve got the max out of both how can “the differences between the two versions? “Completely negligible”” as the PS3 is more powerful than the 360?

    • They are probably holding back the ps3 version because of the xbox

  6. As long as its fun and it doesn’t cook my PS3 from the inside out then I’ll be a happy chap.

  7. Ohhh go sh*t your head Rockstar, please…

    I hate claims like these, there’s going to be processor power going spare in both the bloody PS3 and 360, but it’ll be of no use for things your trying to pull off in the game, just like say 3D games on PS2/Xbox could’nt make use of hardware assets geared up for 2D or audio etc.

    Plus, you bitched, p*ssed and moaned about how 360 using DVD restricted your vision etc and now coming on 2 DVD’s=look how huge our game world is.

    What have you used all the power for then? some kick-ass A.I routines (at last), lens flare? reflections? more particle effects?, what’s it gone on, start shouting about that please.

    Also my loves, so after 8 years, you’ve found people who can work the PS3 as it’s meant to be, so PS3 owners are’nt paying for a ‘lesser’ exp? Golf clap ahoy and ‘thanks’ for palming us off with lesser versions of your past games this gen.

    Oh and just for giggles Rockstar:You sent that ‘exclusive’ cover art off to Edge yet in return for a 9 at the least score? and Edge can devote 5 pages telling me how good the bloody story is as is the voice acting?

    Day 1 patch, followed by patch fortnight following Tuesday to fix bugs in Day 1 patch and have we told you about the Zombie DLC?….sound about right Rockstar?, lovely….

    • Not a fan of Rockstar then, no? lol

  8. Rockstar bigging up their game again with no decent gameplay trailers…….”yawwn”

  9. Wow. There sure is loads of Rockstar hate around here. Personally I couldn’t give a monkeys how much of the PS3’s processing power is being used as long as it looks good and is fun to play, then that’s fine by me.

    • As with Walters purity 99% is the magic number. If it doesn’t get at least that of the PS3’s limits them I’m out.

  10. In terms of being a ‘fan’ of Rockstar, it all depends on what they deliver.Last generation i loved GTA III and VC, yet hated S.A.Loved Red Dead last gen. (But then Rockstar only took over from Capcom), hated this gen’s version.

    The Warriors i bought on PSP+Xbox, have GTA:VCS, LCS and Chinatown Wars on PSP also.

    I just hate the bullsh*t that they seem to be serving up these days.Likes of Edge etc really play upto the ego’s it seems.If GTA V really is groundbreaking in scope, ambition, scale etc then i’ll buy it.If it’s same old, tarted up a bit and lot more of it, then i won’t be impressed.

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