New Prince Of Persia Game Is For iOS, Android

Recent chatter of a new Prince of Persia game has resulted – as these things do – in the eventual, mildly disappointing truth: it’s real, but it’s an iPhone game.


Ubisoft this evening revealed that the next Prince game will be exclusive to iOS and Android, and will be titled The Shadow And The Flame. It’ll be released on the 25th of July.

The game is set after the events of the original game (which Ubisoft are now dubbing ‘Classic’) and boasts an “epic journey” with “visually-stunning 3D” and “intuitive controls” designed for touchscreens, which means gesture-based touch controls, or a virtual joystick.

Hopes are high that next-gen consoles will see a fully realised game soon.



  1. Publishers, can you stop doing this kind of stuff? It is a bit annoying and i was hoping that it would either be a reboot or another game in the franchise that is on consoles and PC. There is nothing wrong with IOS games but due to the nature of Iphone games, it’s not worth the hype as they are designed for small bursts of gaming and POP is a franchise that is on the PC and consoles.

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