New Prince Of Persia Game Is For iOS, Android

Recent chatter of a new Prince of Persia game has resulted – as these things do – in the eventual, mildly disappointing truth: it’s real, but it’s an iPhone game.

Ubisoft this evening revealed that the next Prince game will be exclusive to iOS and Android, and will be titled The Shadow And The Flame. It’ll be released on the 25th of July.

The game is set after the events of the original game (which Ubisoft are now dubbing ‘Classic’) and boasts an “epic journey” with “visually-stunning 3D” and “intuitive controls” designed for touchscreens, which means gesture-based touch controls, or a virtual joystick.

Hopes are high that next-gen consoles will see a fully realised game soon.


  1. Oh…

  2. Sigh, just sigh.

  3. That definetely doesn’t look exactly like Shadow Complex in style.

  4. Totally lost interest. 100%

  5. Oh dear god. That looks awful!

  6. Looks pretty good, wish they could nail the controls on games like this… whatever they say they’re far too difficult to master.

    Surely Ubi have enough going on with Ass4, Watch Dogs, The Division & The Crew to be announcing a PoP next gen game yet, maybe for Christmas ’14

    • Wow, really? I went in there with an open mind. Happy for them to win me over with a game that would be wonderful to control on a touch-screen and still uphold the franchise. It looked bloody terrible. Still… maybe the franchise’s name will help it sell as there’s bugger all to win me over so far and I’m more than happy to throw down money for a great game.

      • Thought it looked a good update of the original

        I just can’t stand the controls on games like this, makes them unplayable imo

      • Couldn’t agree more. There are some game-types and genres that flounder terribly on a touch screen but it seems some developers have a frenzied commitment to try and crowbar the buggers onto the likes of the iPhone.

  7. Getting a bit sick of this happening now.

  8. Just keep it.
    Just focus on Rayman Jungle Run 2 if you want to make mobile games.

  9. Boo!

  10. Well that was predictable.

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