Reminder: Saints Row, Battlefield And Payday Hit PlayStation Plus Today

A reminder that today sees the swap out of June’s PlayStation Plus games – Reckoning, Ico Collection and Demon’s Souls – for July’s – Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third and Payday: The Heist.


If you’ve not already grabbed June’s games, make sure you do so very quickly – remember Rayman and Coconut Dodge also drop out today. If you’re not at your PS3, you can get them from the web store from here – you have a matter of minutes and hours.

The 12 monthly rotating titles – XCOM Enemy Unknown, LittleBigPlanet Karting and the single player portion of Uncharted 3 – will be there for a while.



  1. Really got to find a way to free up space on my ps3 this is getting silly now. Too many excellent offerings all at large file sizes too.

  2. Sorry for the off-topic but I love that the PS3 now automatically downloads stuff you queue from the web store. Nice to be able to go home and have the GT6 Academy demo sat waiting for me :)

    • Does it power up the PS3 from standby and download it?

      • Nope Leeroye, it would be great if it did but I think the servers would go into melt down with all the PS3’s turning on and downloading at once. how it works is that when you have queued the game to your list on the website it holds it ready to activate and download once you turn on your PS3, if you have a PSP or Vita you could always remote link it to your PS3 and turn it on that way to save waiting until you get home.

      • It doesn’t turn on the PS3 automatically, but PS+ does that if you set the automatic updates to a set time.

  3. My poor hard-drive is bursting at the seams. On the Plus side (geddit?) I can see a few more Meets reappearing.

  4. looking forward to playing SR3 again.

  5. This sucks. I only getting my ps+ today (afterwork) so by then the games I want will be gone :( sucks

    • Hindsight is wonderful yeah I know, but couldn’t you have subscribed to plus via the website store and hen queued he games……or is it just store games that are sold a-la-interwebsite store?

  6. Nothing hugely appealing for me this month, just as well as i have a queue of uninstalled stuff still waiting on my XMB, ntm some other installed but so far barely touched content. Good ol’ plus! :)

  7. I’ve never played a Saints Row or Battlefield game yet…. What a treat. Not played Payday either. Ps+ is (yet again) too good to be true :-)

  8. I’ve been waiting for SR3 on plus for ages. Also been itching for a FPS so that’s battlefield covered too. Excellent plus month.

  9. Thanks for reminding me to get Rayman, totally forgot about the Vita titles this month.

  10. Battlefield 3 is live now guys, although it doesn’t come up in the instant game collection section you’ll have to search for it. I’m assuming the other games are available too but I havent checked.

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