The PS4 Will Come With A Game Already Loaded

The PlayStation 4 will come pre-loaded with quirky title Playroom, according to the official PlayStation site [via]. The software is an innovative array of minigames designed to show off the power of the PS4’s new DualShock 4 controller and – of course – the camera, which won’t be bundled.

We skipped over Playroom at E3, despite the comfy sofa designed to draw you in, but wish we hadn’t. Most accounts suggest it’s rather special, with near-instant feedback on everything you do. The video above highlights the main features, so give it a watch.

Good to see that new PlayStation 4 owners will have something already installed on the hard drive, anyway, and should sit nicely alongside Killzone and DriveClub.



  1. DLC incoming!, Killzone and DriveClub outfits for the little white bots :P

  2. Looks rather rad. Especially the moment where he draws on his cell only to send it out among the bots. Reminded me of the Wii U first presentation at E3 some years ago.

  3. Looks pretty good. Will have to get the camera its only £45. Something for the kids to play with.

  4. The only thing that would make me get the camera, is if the blond is included in the bundle.
    I can think of plenty of uses for it, as I enter her ‘playroom’ . ;)

    I’ll get me coat…

  5. I might buy the camera sometime, but not at launch though.

  6. wait? what? So Sony didn’t intentionally remove the camera in order to lower the price below One’s (which honestly is fine by me if they did) but the PS4 comes with a free game that requires the camera. lol, Wouldn’t it make more sense to include playroom with the camera for free instead. I’m not against free, but I am against someone filling up my HDD with crap I don’t want.

    • This would make more sense.

  7. Noice!!

  8. Dammit. Looks like I need to save for a new sofa to use this game properly!

  9. Excellent, that looks like Sony’s camera support all wrapped up then until PS5.

    After wasting money on the last two gen cameras for the PS I’ll simply be investing in a barge pole to push the new camera away.

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