Tokyo Jungle Heads To PS Vita

Tokyo Jungle (reviewed at a solid 8/10) is heading from the confines of the PlayStation 3 onto the PlayStation Vita, by way of a PlayStation Mobile release.


The game, from Japan-based PlayStation C.A.M.P., will be ported across with a few changes, according to leaks from this week’s Famitsu magazine. Notably, it’s now top-down.

The game will apparently release on July 10th in Japan, costing around $3 at launch, going up by another $3 after a short period.



  1. Oh, I though it would be a full port. I’m sad now :/

  2. It’s remote playable anyways.

  3. Interesting. Hopefully this makes it to Europe.

  4. Hmm, why as a Playstation Mobile release and not a full Vita game?

  5. I really must get back to this game, only played the first generation so far. A Vita version would help but i don’t have access to PSM.

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