Tokyo Jungle Mobile – First Screenshots And Video

Chances are you’ll read more catchy headlines today, but the fact remains that this morning screenshots and a video were released for the PlayStation Mobile version of Tokyo Jungle, which appears to be taking a more top-down approach to the game that polarised PlayStation 3 gamers when it was released last year.

Being for PlayStation Mobile has presumably resulted in a rapid development cycle, but there are issues with a PSM release: no Trophies, no PSN leaderboards, and no chance of it working outside of Sony’s pre-determined (and disappointingly small) range of supported countries.

So whilst we’d much rather have a ‘native’ PS Vita version, at least those that can will be able to play this on their Android tablet.


  1. I still have no idea what you actually have to do in this game – is it just button-bashy combat? :/

    • No, it’s all about survival. Taking over territories for mating, hunting others for food and escaping toxic pollution.

      Check out some youtube videos, it’s a great little tough game. The original at least.

      • Oh right, thanks….that actually sounds pretty good!

  2. これはお茶の私のカップではありません。と言うことは安全、それがズボンに見える!

    • ‘This is not my cup of tea. Safety, look to pants it to say that’

      • just goes to show that you can never really trust google translate!…. but you still get the idea ;)

    • Aye, exactly what I was thinking too Mikey. ;p

  3. I’d like to play it on my vita but I utterly refuse to pay for Playstation mobile games, exactly the same with minis. Not in the least interested.

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