Microsoft Might Be Planning A Gamescom Press Conference

Gamescom runs from August 21st to August 25th this year. The Cologne-based show has seen a few years of lessened attention from Microsoft – although the company always has a presence, it has been less spectacular in recent years. This year, though, could be a little different.

According to CVG, Microsoft is planning an event at Gamescom that would lend credence to the reports that Microsoft sees Europe as a key battleground in the war for console gamer’s hearts and minds ahead of the next generation console launches later this year.

Xbox has slipped slightly behind PlayStation in global units shipped this generation but it has traditionally been dominant in the US and UK. Europe has, for the duration of this generation, favoured Sony’s brand of console ahead of Microsoft’s. That’s something that both companies seem aware of and both have made overtures to address with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s suggested that Phil Harrison’s presence at Microsoft will give the company some valuable insight into the region’s development studios and retail requirements.

The report suggests that we’ll see a one hour media briefing, similar to the E3 show they put on. This will likely be Microsoft’s first large-scale opportunity to address their users since the dramatic post-E3 turnaround in policies and the departure of Don Mattrick. Hopefully it will give them an opportunity to turn around what has been a fairly disastrous period in the company’s relationship with its consumers.

Source: CVG



  1. Intriguing. Come on Microsoft, announce a new Perfect Dark while you are at it.

    • More likely what exclusivity they have bribed developers with since E3, that’s how Microsoft usually get out of trouble, being out the cheque book.

      • In other words, not making their product better just making the competitions worse by locking devs into exclusive deals

      • Oh please, you sound pathetic. Fact is exclusives give consoles an identity and Microsoft has lots of promising ones on the horizon. That’s right, the X1 has a plus point. Shock horror, right?

      • Its the way MS go about getting the “plus” points, ill just get the only exclusive i like the look of so far on PC… Titanfall.

        Anybody who defends it.. seriously, its nothing good for the consumer that they are doing.

        Well done MS, you can buy out a bunch of games and we still wont buy your shit.

        Im sure most devs aren’t stupid enough to go anything more than timed exclusive though

      • Clearly I’m missing something here. Surely the whole point of having two consoles available is that they offer different games? What is the point of having two consoles on the market with exactly the same libraries, specs, etc?
        What made this gen enjoyable to me was that MS had their exclusives and a great online service, while Sony had some amazing exclusives and PS+.
        Keeps things interesting and gives each console an identity. Buyers then just pick the console which is right for them.

        I’m getting an X1 over the PS4 but I’m not moaning that the PS4 is going to have some exclusives the X1 doesn’t. Its called competition and Microsoft aren’t doing anything wrong securing some exclusive titles for their new console – hell, the lack of exclusives has been most people’s criticism of the 360 over the past few years so I’m glad to see they are tackling the issue head-on.
        You want some PS4 exclusives? Buy a PS4. You want some X1 titles? Guess what, you buy an X1.

      • I prefer Microsoft’s shown exclusives for the next generation and preferred their exclusives for the current generation having owned a 360.

        I have a PS3 and in all likelihood will buy a PS4. I’ve always had a Sony system, I prefer the controller and it’s what the majority of my friends and family game on. That’s how my decision is made.

  2. 5,000,000,000 transistors.!

  3. “Europe has, for the duration of this generation, favoured Sony’s brand of console ahead of Microsoft’s.”

    If they stopped trying to ram US sport TV bullsh!t down our throats perhaps the new ‘box from microshaft would be more appealing to europeans……

    • I think it’ll be reinforcing the new consumer-friendly policies whilst showing off their titles from E3 plus maybe a couple of others if they’re ready to be thrust into the limelight.

      It’s easy to see why the X1 was geared around sports as they have control over the US but they’ll definitely need a different tack in Europe and this is a good chance for them.

  4. I do find trend/sales patterns interesting in regards to the UK being similar to the US, perhaps we just fall for multi-plat titles having Xbox at the end of the advert.

    • I think it’s more that, in the previous generation, multiplatform games almost always performed better on the X360.

  5. It will be a “Sorry we tried to screw over consumers but we’re not anymore” conference.

    • Something like Sony’s apologetic bow i’m guessing , except they’ll just wander about the stage with their dicks unapologetically hanging out, probably.

      • And then Sony will show footage in their conference from ‘Uncharted 4’ and ‘The Last Guardian’ and it’ll be game over.

  6. But will it focus on gaming or just be more TV, more social stuff and basically everything apart from gaming?

  7. No doubt they’ll balls up again, they’re making a real farce of their PR campaign this time round. It’s quite depressing really

  8. It’ll take a huge effort to get themselves back on the right footing after the last month.

  9. What are the preorder numbers for each console or is it just hyperbole? I’ve not a doubt at all that Sony lead at this point but would love to see how much by.

  10. They kind of have to don’t they… But I’m wondering what they’ll show, they’ve showed all their first year games already…

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