Pokémon X and Y Get A 3 Minute Trailer And New Japanese 3DS Designs


Pokémon X and Pokémon Y aren’t set for their global release until October this year. As with any new duo of Pokémon games, anticipation is mounting and today a 3 minute trailer has leaked out showing the pseudo-cell-shaded style and the new angles on battles and movement that should make good use of the 3D capabilities.


Nintendo is also set to offer two lovely-looking limited edition consoles available for pre-order from mid August. They’ll come with a copy of the game pre-installed and a 4GB SD card in the slot. Unfortunately, as far as we know, these two new designs are only for Japan.

Source: Gematsu thanks, Zak


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  1. Looks suitably next-gen. Finally we’ve got 3D models!

    But I don’t like the softer art style Pokemon has gained in the later generations, and the PokeAmi feature repels me. I guess I’m no longer part of the arget audience, and it hurts.

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