Community Chronicle: 07/07/12

The Lions blazed to victory Down Under, Hamilton lands himself on pole for this afternoon’s race, the Women’s tennis is wrapped up, I’ve grabbed my fair share of Vitamin D, and it’s barely mid-afternoon! Time to write up this Chronicle, then.

A simple case of endless nagging got ron_mcphatty to send in his gaming photos this week, and he’s done a lovely job of writing things up. So without much further ado, I’ll hand over to the man himself:

My living room telly is a modest 42″ Bravia which sits above the Sky box and Slim PS3. I originally bought a Phat 60GB-er back in the summer of 2007 but couldn’t resist the quiet and modest Slim when it was announced, so the Phatty was traded in for an upgrade. I kept my original Sixaxis controller though, since I feel like its some sort of proof that I was there at the beginning!

The drawer under the TV hides the games. Over the years I’ve traded in so many to keep my habit funded that this has become a collection of my absolute favourites. At the moment Far Cry 3 gets all my attention then after that I’ll be going back to Chinatown Wars on the PSP.

I still love my little PSP, the single arthritis-inducing analog nub was a bit of a mixed blessing, but by its autumn years there were some brilliant and beautiful games like Motorstorm, Peace Walker and Gran Turismo making the machine totally worth spending time with. Having the Nurburgring in my pocket still blows my mind. Slightly less mind blowing is my old Game Gear, my first games console and still played occasionally, but at the moment not working so well and is soon to be shipped off for a restorative repair job.

The last photo is of my makeshift second rig in what I’m not allowed to call the Man Room. My girlfriend says it must only ever be called the spare room… So the Man Room has an asymmetrically customised IKEA unit where we keep our laptops, a few books and my old 22″ telly. It’s way too small to play most games on but after Steam came out with Big Screen I couldn’t resist turning my laptop’s resting place into another place to play. I got the print on the wall behind the telly for my birthday last week, my dad made me the superbly sharp looking frame. We’re a family of DIY lovers!

I’m digging the Game Gear still out and about in the living room after all these years! I hope you’ve got a spare socket and the power cable nearby, and that the repairs go well.

Please do help out and share your set ups by getting in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just sending an email out of the blue to [email protected] If you do the latter, don’t forget to chuck your TSA ID in there, so I know who you are!

All told, it has been a fairly slow week when it comes to people finishing off games and earning trophies. I guess it must be all that tennis going on. After all, it’s quite hard to play a deep and involving plot based adventure when trying to watch your favourite player come back from a set down.

Even so, we have a few new records coming through on the Fastest platinum table, with Samiro05 speeding past the line first for MotoGP 13, whilst Wolf-OF-chaos’ split personalities coming together for the Deadpool record. As the platinum’s name says, no he can sell the game!

Also for these leaderboards, B_Cambo discovered that he had the Hitman: Blood Money record, but had forgotten to claim it! (He already had Silent Assassin logged)

Crazy_Del got his nose back to the grind stone, to finish off his platinum run of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, whereas tactical20 finished a playthrough of Max Payne 3. He does sound like he wants to give it another go on a higher difficulty setting, though.

Blast71 polished off the few years old Yakuza 3 game, but KeRaSh is bang up to date with The Last of Us.

Finally, TSBonyman made the best use of the good weather for his “play” time:

This week has been mostly the gardening game, where the challenge was increased because I had to use the weak electric strimmer instead of the stronger petrol one, which wouldn’t start. It meant I had to stop and change the line every two minutes, or every time I hit some briars!

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Nice set-up Ron,like the units very neat i used to have that tv for a short stint but believe mine was the size lower,all i remember from the days of the Game Gear and Lynx an alike is how bad the screen where to see especially outdoors lol,and you put your foot down and rename that room THE MAN ROOM ;D p.s dont let your lass know i said that last bit ;D

  2. Nice tidy setups there mate – I approve! ;)

  3. nice and tidy setup man! (unlike mine!) so just as Youles i also approve of this setup!

  4. Nice set up Ron, all neat and tidy with everything put away in it’s place!

    Good round up Tef. I have been away for 2 weeks so it’s good to catch up :) Looking forward to getting back into the meets this week.

  5. Cheers tef :)

    One day i will tidy my set-up enough to be publishable – although Ron may have set an unattainable benchmark .. ;)

  6. Lovely and neat, Ron, which has me thinking… we should have people submit their rigs if they’re messy too. No shame, no setting it up or adding anything for the photo. Just take a photo if you’re in an absolute cesspit of a gaming room and hold your head high (possibly above the empty pizza boxes from six months back) and be proud. Who’s the messiest on TSA?

  7. That is a great little set up, compact perfection. Exactly how I’d like my set up to be arranged but the DFGT would be a spoilsport to the look! Very nice dude.
    Oh, and Viva pocket wheel to wheel action even with a clawed arthritic ridden hand! :P
    Grats to everyone with their latest achievements especially Samiro with that MGP13 if they followed their usual strategy of chucking in an online trophy that requires a near impossible full human grid to complete a race!!

  8. Thanks guys! I think the tidiness is down to OCD, which I got straight away after getting this flat, it must be a panic reaction to having a mortgage! I’m looking forward to getting the Game Gear fixed, I hadn’t tried to play it in a while before taking the pics, I was gutted when the screen and sound was buggered but according to Google its an easy enough fix. Come pay day it’ll be off to the Game Gear Priory for its treatment :)

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