Infinity Blade II Goes Free, Others Follow

Apple’s App Store transformed the state of mobile gaming (and some would say gaming in general) forever when it launched five years ago. I remember grabbing Apple’s own Texas Hold ’em and Super Monkey Ball on day one, and I’ve spent more money that I’d ever dare total up since.

To celebrate the big birthday, a number of big games have this morning gone free for a limited time. That includes the ridiculously good looking Unreal-powered Infinity Blade II (free for the first time), the sublime Sword & Sworcery adventure, quirky puzzler Badland, the brilliantly simple Tiny Wings and the cute brain teaser Where’s My Water?


Some of these have in-app purchases, but for today at least, the main game is free, so you’ve no excuse not to give them a shot. More games are expected to make the list soon too, we’ll drop a comment if anything else turns up this week. Enjoy!

Via CAG.



  1. Ah well, my work iPhone has been sitting in my car for the last 3 days… That’s not going to change on my day off. If Apple only had a system in place where I could make the purchase on their web App Store and automatically send the download to one of my registered devices…

    • Well, you only need the way around the iTunes program on your computer (and you need to allow it in the settings of your device).

  2. sweet, i love free stuff. ^_^

    Sword & Sworcery looks pretty interesting, seems to have gotten mostly five star reviews from people who’ve bought it.

    i just hope it runs on my Touch.

  3. Sweet! Milking it all now. May keep me too busy to buy Limbo

  4. There’s other, non game apps, that have also gone free. Notably, Traktor which is usually like £20, or there abouts.

    • Yeah, Traktor is amazing. Bought it for £14 or so and it’s worth every penny.

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