EA Bumps Price Of Next-Gen Gaming Up

EA are going to raise the costs of gaming next generation, perhaps unsurprisingly, with the RRP of their titles jumping a fiver to £54.99. Others may follow.

The news comes via retailer GAME, who say that the publisher has confirmed costs of their next-gen games, “attaching a price of £54.99.”

“No other game prices have been confirmed,” says a FAQ on their site. “We will of course update our listings as and when this happens. And if the price changes before release day, you will always pay the lowest price.”

Hopefully deals will still float around on the high street, and it’s highly unlikely that online retailers will ever move towards selling at full RRP unless they have to.

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  1. I wont be buying many new games at that price if that’s the case. I’m sure this will mean most selling new for £45 at most.

  2. Have to make up for the abandoning on online passes somehow… I hope that this means the digital versions will be lower than RRP to offset it. If games every reach £55 at retail I won’t be buying many at all.

  3. I’m 99% sure that other site must have seen my quote of it on GAF that I put on about 2 hours ago lol. That’s been on the site for a while and suddenly it’s being reported on

  4. Interesting, after Microsoft made a commitment that the! heir 1st party titles would hold the $59.99 (£40) price point.

    Although most EA titles are £54.99-£59.99 RRP already!!!

    • Sony had said theirs would stay the same as with the PS3.

  5. Do EA not realise that the reason many people buy pre-owned is due to the high cost of games? Increasing the RRP will likely just drive more people to buying pre-owned.

    • FIFA already has RRP of £54.99 same as Activision’s CoD, while EA’s NfS Most Wanted was £59.99, same as Ubisoft’s ACIII.

      Other than retailers trying it on with high attach rates at launch I don’t see what the difference is

      • But it’s normally just the biggest AAA games like the ones you mentioned that have the higher RRP, EA are setting it across the board to have the higher RRP.
        Hopefully though we won’t actually see much of a jump, online retailers will still be battling it out with the cheaper deals.

      • Yeah, although Most Wanted was never sold at its £60 RRP outside of PSN, and was soon available for just over £20… just like everything that isn’t called FIFA or CoD, so can’t see too much impact here other retailers cashing in during launch period where every console sale usually means at least one or two game sales too

  6. i don’t get all the complaining we have to pay 699 kr that is ruffly £69 whitch is to mutch i agree

  7. EA have already had an RRP of £54.99, as have Activision. Just means the price goes from £39.99 to £44.99 for brand new FIFA and Call of Duty. Can’t say I blame them, people will still buy it anyway SK its easy money from a business point of view.

  8. With Lovefilm e-mailing me about ending games from the 8th August yesterday and the price of games being high my gaming will take a big nose dive.

  9. Scrap online passes.
    Bump up the RRP of the games.

  10. Meh. I remember when n64 games used to cost at least £50. That was 15 years ago. I think games are cheap anyway so a £5 increase seems only natural to me. It’s still cheaper than when I started gaming.

    • £1.99 when I started lol. Good old Codemasters.

    • Snes games too, the cost of the cartridge was more hence the higher price. I remember the good old ZX days £199… and then the outcry when turtles came out at £5 or a £tenner… the horror lol

    • Gaming during the 16-bit days was definitely expensive by comparison.

      I still remember washing cars, mowing grass and general oddjobbing just to save up the £70 for Super Street Fighter 2 on the SNES. That’s almost £120 in today’s money!

      I think console gaming these days is very affordable, once you get past the pricing barrier that is buying the console itself. Very few games launch at more than £40 and if you wait even just a matter of weeks then those prices are often halved.

      • Cartridges not easy to mass produce in comparison to printing discs, the costs involved where enormous

        Megadrive & SNES sold about 85m
        PS2 & Xbox sold about 185m
        PS3 & 360 already sold 156m with a few years & price drops left yet

        Each generation outsells the preceding one & that’s where publishers get their growth from, while resisting price rises & even with rising production costs the ever growing install base & increased unit sales covers it.

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