World’s First GTA V Gameplay Video (YouTube Links)

It’s here, the first ever gameplay video for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, due for release in September on PS3 and Xbox 360. Enjoy.

If the video above doesn’t display, click here.



  1. Yey for YouTube… Rockstar’s usual video player never holds up

  2. This looks very good.

  3. Was that the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon music I heard at the beginning?

  4. I really wasn’t interested in GTA, despite the 3 protagonists I still felt we’d seen all there was to see with Rockstar’s twonky controls whether it’s steering your character as they’re running along to the floaty cars or inadequate shooting… but it looks like they’ve focused on all this… and, well… I’m very impressed

    For me, R* look to be back in the game

    GT6 + GTAV = PS4 who?

    • Certainly puts the PS3’s semi retirement on hold while the new kid on the block settles in, although it’ll be hard to resist tinkering with next gen! :P

      • It looks like it’ll be an amazing game when released…….but I’ll still be getting a PS4 on release. Hopefully I’ll have tired of GTA V by then (doubt it though).

  5. oke one word…….WANT xD

  6. Ok, I wasn’t that bothered about this game but that looks awesome. The mechanic of switching dynamically between the characters is very interesting and I like the way they get on with their own thing until you jump into them!

    I think the hype train has a new passenger.

    • Also, the flexible missions system looks excellent. I just hope it’s executed well

  7. Stunning looking stuff. GTA often gets accused of stagnating a bit but this truly pushes its own franchise forward in a very positive direction, in my humble opinion.

    Switching between the lead protagonists looked great. The world/environment itself was without peer. How it’s running on current gen hardware is something I can’t wait to see. Saying that, I desperately want to see this on PC so will undoubtedly buy two copies, as and when.

  8. All looks nice, but why does everyone seem to walk in a slightly odd way? As if they’ve shit themselves?

    But on the plus side, it does contain the word “gusset”. And a big gay parachute.

    • If I was in the world of GTA, I think I would regularly shit myself!

    • I think the character models in general look pretty crappy compared the the landscapes and water…
      Not a fan of GTA but I would probably fold if they release a shinier PS4 version.

  9. Looks far too complex for me.

  10. “Somewhere stuck between joyful & peachy”


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