Four DLC Packs Announced For Metro: Last Light

Deep Silver have announced four DLC packs for Metro: Last Light with a range of single player content, and none of them are locking a difficulty setting behind a paywall like the Ranger Mode DLC.

The first DLC is called the Factions Pack and will feature three new protagonists, each a member of one of the warring factions within the Metro with those being the Communists, Nazis and the Rangers. Each mission will utilise the different gameplay styles found in Metro: Last Light.


The Redline Communist will be a stealth mission as you take control of a sniper tasked with sneaking through a Nazi outpost. The Nazi mission will feature a heavy gunner defending a front line position, and the Ranger will feature a rookie tasked with exploring the Library with a limited set of filters. If the Librarians from Metro 2033 make a return appearance here then expect some of the, in my personal opinion, the scariest and toughest enemies ever to grace gaming.

This DLC will be available on July 16th for Xbox 360 and PC, while PS3 owners will get it on July 17th. It will cost £3.99/400MSP.

The other three DLC  packs are called The Tower Pack, The Developer Pack and The Chronicles Pack. Tower will introduce a challenge mode with leaderboards. The Developer will introduce a Shooting Gallery and a new solo mission called The Spider’s Nest.

The Chronicles Pack seems to be the most interesting of the DLC with missions to give back stories to three of Artyom’s companions. You’ll be able to take control of Khan, Pavel and Anna as they experience their own Metro adventures.

No release dates or prices for these three packs have been revealed.

Source: Press Release




  1. Nothing that interesting really, despite my absolute love for the game, the story, the visuals, the characters, the gun play, the stealth, going to give it a miss (Most likley just for now) and continue playing other games.

    The only thing that affected this game for me was a bug where you ring a bell and i couldn’t move/shoot after.

  2. I picked the Limited Edition (with Ranger mode) for little over £20 so decided to buy the Season Pass for £11….I like the sound of all the DLCs, looking forward to this!

  3. That’s great news as I’ve not been able to start playing my copy yet. The DLC will be out around 2 weeks before I’m able to start playing.

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