Latest Wii U System Update (3.1.0) Going Live Now

Don’t get yourself all of a quiver over this one, Wii U owners. It’s not exactly a biggy but Nintendo’s latest update to the Wii U does add at least one pretty cool new feature that is our first little glimpse of something that Sony and Microsoft will also be doing on their next-gen consoles at the end of the year.

The Wii U will, following the update which is rolling out now, be able to download SpotPass information and software or system updates while in standby mode. Nintendo says it will periodically check the internet while powered down for updates. Sounds a bit always online to me but then, I’m a rampantly paranoid conspiracy theorist, just check my NSA file online.


The software updates will be downloaded and installed while the machine is sleeping, whereas system updates will download and install the next time you switch it on. Apparently, “other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” So that’s nice.

Apparently, this isn’t the second of the big system updates that Satoru Iwata had spoken about for the summer, that’s now due around the beginning of October and should improve things like menu speed and loading/quitting speed of software even further than the last big update did.

Source: Nintendo



  1. Sounds like what the 3DS does. And iOS 7, to some degree.

  2. Oh October is so far away :(. That speed update is much needed!

  3. Does it add games?


    Seriously, its good to see them improving basic things like menu and loading speed, it may not be a killer app but it benefits everybody.

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