20 Things You (Maybe) Didn’t Know About the PS4

Our friends PlayStation Access have uploaded yet another video described as “20 things that you didn’t know” about the PS4. While not strictly true, since we’ve posted some of the information shown in the video here before, there are some new bits of information.

Most interesting is the name of the PS4 home menu – PlayStation Dynamic Menu – PDM? As well as the new PlayStation app which allows for certain SmartGlass-esque features, such as second screen gameplay and even the ability to watch your friends play games over the internet.

There are only a couple of other things we didn’t really know but the video’s worth a watch to see all of the less-reported information in one place. Anyway, Access describe it as “20 things you may have missed” on their twitter, so everything’s okay.

It’s all sounding good, then – I for one can’t wait to jump in to watch my friends playing a game while I’m away from my own console.



  1. Great work Sony, it looks like a great piece of kit, I’ve always been mostly a Xbox 360 user (I also have a PS3), for what it does it does it well game loading times/cross game chat/ Xbox live, Sony have really paid attention to what people want and its done exactly that, I’m not sure about Microsoft’s bad attitude to there users with the DRM that’s been removed now, and the forced inclusion of the Kinect camera, like a lot of people privacy is a concern with the prism thingy, I don’t want a camera and mic in my face and I certainly don’t want the mic on when the console is off or on standby, im not sure these console will be truly off which there connected to the mains and a Ethernet cable, guess I will have to do it the old fashion way which you cant do by waving your arms about from your sofa, you have to get up and push the power button on the mains socket ;) I will be getting a PS4 on launch night hopefully in a helghast costume, should be funny ;D for the SPY BOX ONE to turn it around it needs to loose the Kinect camera and let the people buy one who want one, and drop there price a 100 pounds to £329 to stand a chance of turning this terrible launch around.

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