Arma 3 Developer Bohemia Interactive’s Website Database Hacked

Arma 3 publisher Bohemia Interactive has had its website hacked.


In a ‘security update’ post issued overnight, the company explained that they had “discovered that an illegal attempt has been made to access certain of our online websites, leading to the download of a database containing usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords.”

They do state that no credit cards are stored in the affected database.

Bohemia have forced a password reset for everyone, although they would like to assure users that they were encrypted. To start the reset process, go here.

We would reinforce the need to ensure all your passwords are unique across the internet, difficult to guess, individual and per website/service – don’t duplicate them no matter how secure you think the website in question is. That’s just good practice and a requirement these days.


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  1. bloody hell, another company gets hacked.

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