The News At Sixth: 27/02/18

Welcome to The News At Sixth, a round up of the day’s news plus other videos we didn’t get round to covering due to reasons. The News At Sixth is a bit like News Snatch, but daily and with less Improbable Boobs.

Today’s reporters were the warm and cuddly Tuffcub, and the minuscule yet effective Aran. Here’s what you missed today:

Also Today…

If you ever wanted to know how the sand in Journey was rendered, then watch the video below.

Russian state TV has used a clip from ARMA 3 in a report about Syria

Ys Origin is heading to Xbox for the first time

“Meditative narrative toy” Jettomero: Hero of the Universe lands on PlayStation 4 next week.

Chrono Trigger is now out on Steam

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