Armored Warfare Launches On PS4, Download For Free, Does Not Require PS+

Free-to-play tanky shooter Armored Warfare (or Admired Warfare as auto-correct keeps insisting, damn those American spellings!) has launched on PlayStation 4 and you can download it now.

The good news is you won’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online, although if you do have one you can download an extra pack of goodies for free, including the LAV-150 90 vehicles with a PlayStation skin, one day of Premium Time, 500K game credit and 500 gold.


In Armored Warfare, players take control of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology in modern warfare. Players collect and own deadly ground machinery from a vast number available within the game, including iconic tanks such as the German built Leopard, the heavy Russian T-72 AV and the notorious and battle-proven American M1Abrams. Players team up with friends to engage in demanding co-op missions or take the fight directly to their opponents by navigating across large interactive maps. Through the revolutionary Global Operations mode, players may also take part in a challenging mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay.

Here’s a link to download the game.

Source: YouTube / Press release

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