Steam Getaway Sale – Day 4

The fourth day of the Steam Getaway sale brings some brilliant new deals, along with trading cards, for your consumption. Yesterday had some great deals including Tomb Raider at £7.49 and Borderlands too at £6.79, as well as The Witcher 2 for just under £4 (which you’re still able to pick up for the next 24 hours), and today has some great offers too.

Daily Deals include Kerbal Space Program, just over a tenner at 40% off, Fallout New Vegas for £2.49 and even the recently released Remember Me for £17.99.



While on the Flash Sale side of things, which are available for the next eight hours (switching out at 2am) there are offers on Ace Combat, NBA 2K13 and Doom 3, as well as Deadlight on the Community Choice front.


I’ve spent dozens of pounds already and it looks like I’ll be spending a bit more on the sale today. What will you be buying?



  1. So many bargains. I have already picked Tomb Raider, Defiance and Sniper Ghost warrior 2. Between steam sales and PSplus i now have a backlog of games that could easily keep me entertained until the PS5 comes out, let alone PS4

  2. I loved the Kerbal Space Programme beta, even with the lack of mission direction it was amazing fun to graft together a supremely shakey pyramid of rockets and see how high it gets before it shakes itself to pieces. Very tempted.

  3. Deadlight for €3 today, but nothing else appeals.

  4. I’ve not been blown away as I usually am by Steam sales, which is fine really as I shouldn’t be spending so much. Still, bought BioShock Infinite the other day and all the Borderlands 2 DLC today.

    I would be picking up Remember Me, but I’m much more comfortable with third person action games on console than PC.

  5. I was hoping Remember Me would appear in the sale, but at more than just 40%. I still have no idea about the trading cards, tried to read the FAQ but I just didn’t get it.


      Sounds to me they are just collectables, and some come in groups which combine to make profile backgrounds and badges.

      When you get a badge you get XP to level up your Steam Score.

      So basically they are just rewards, whilst aiding to show your achievements (Like trophys/achievements, but yes, steam already did have them, so not sure why they brought trading cards in)

    • Just had a quick look at the FAQ, the trading part is because you can only aquire 50% of the cards available from a game from playing it, the rest you trade with or buy from other players, i assume you would just buy the ones you need to complete a set to make a badge or background.

  6. Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition and Fallout 3: GOTY are both 3.74

  7. Sorely tempted to get Borderlands 2 while its cheap…still got a backlog of games I haven’t played yet on Steam tho…falling into the same trap I did on PS3 and just buying games for the sake of it :P

  8. I treated myself to Total War: Shogun 2 last night. I quite like the Toal War games and my TW:Rome is looking a little dated now so time for an update.

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