F1 2013 Reveal Coming Later Today

This afternoon Codemasters will be unveiling F1 2013, the fifth instalment in its popular annual racing series.

Community Manager, Luke Spring, recently posted this image via Twitter, later confirming that the reveal will take place today at 2PM.


The latest F1 title will, as ever, include the real-life personalities, cars, and tracks in this year’s championship. Codemasters is also said to have some exciting new features planned for 2013 which we’ll no doubt hear about later.



  1. I’m so excited to see what they have in store for us. Also hoping for a PS4 version. Although, I doubt that’ll happen.

    • This on PS4 would be awesome!

  2. Woo exciting. I play F1 2012 a lot, so hoping to see some improvements.

  3. Couldn’t really gel with F1 2012 using my DFGT as well as F1 2011, hoping the handling is a return to something more similar to the latter…..that is after they’d cleared up and banished that 11/11 crap!

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