Steam Getaway Sale – Day 5

Another day, another batch of Daily Deals and Flash Sale with the Steam Summer sale. If you missed yesterday’s offers, including Fallout New Vegas and Remember Me then don’t worry, they’re still available for another 24 hours.

Today’s Daily Deals include May Payne 3 for just over £6, Dishonored for a fiver and Castle Crashers, a sublime beat-em-up from The Behemoth, for just £2.49.


On the Flash Sale side of things, you’ll be able to once again pick up BioShock Infinite for half price and even Mirror’s Edge for £4.49.


More great deals today – I haven’t even decided what I’ll buy yet, though I already own a few of the stand out titles. How about you?


  1. Nothing that interests me from this set of deals. Have 71p off my next purchase thanks to those trading card things.

  2. Nothing for me today either – still don’t know what those cards things are all about though.

  3. I’ve been holding myself back from buying any of the games as I already have a massive backlog of games to go through.

  4. Dishonoured for me (£5.09). Glad I waited. Also, toying with the idea of Sanctum 2 but might give it a miss. Feels like a soulless version of Dungeon Defenders. :-\

  5. Yesterday I stated that I wouldn’t buy any games as I have waaaay too much to play as is….I was quite firm in my belief of this…

    So I caved and bought Fallout New Vegas GOTY for £3.74.

    And now I am really tempted by Dishonored for a fiver too…

    I am so so weak. :(

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