Street Fighter Not Coming to Next Generation Consoles

Yoshinori Ono, producer of SFIV has confirmed that there are no Street Fighter games in development for next generation systems. This means no Street Fighter V just yet, as there’s apparently no R&D budget and the staff are currently tied up with Ultra SFIV.


He also confirmed that Ultra will only be on current generation platforms, with no plans for a Wii U version either, which is a shame. The game is essentially an update to SFIV, which brings new characters, new stages and new modes and will release in early 2014.

Hopefully, once that’s over and done with, Capcom will have enough resources to move on to a next-gen Street Fighter title.

Source: Gameranx



  1. Is there any SF game for Wii U? SFII was one of my most played SNES games.

  2. of cours theres no next gen SF in development, they havent finished flogging SFIV to death yet. Why waste money on building a new engine for next gen when they can rehash what they already have, make a few tweaks and call it Ultra SFIV

  3. Awww no, I want a Street Fighter V for next gen!
    I hope Ultra Street Fighter IV has a new trophy set, great fun hunting some of those down in the last two games.

  4. Honestly, is there any point in buying a Street Fighter game anymore? I know people love the franchise but every 6 months they (re) release the the game with what is essentially DLC. I honestly have no idea why SSF fans put up with this.
    I guess if its your love to each their own, but to an average (non- fanatic) SSF fan like myself I’ll never buy a SSF game because I know I’ll be buying an inferior version compared to the next SSF game.

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