New Ratchet And Clank Listed For PS Vita

Insomniac’s PS3 exclusive new Ratchet and Clank game, dubbed Into The Nexus (or just ‘Nexus’ here in Europe) might not be PS3 exclusive after all, with a PlayStation Vita listing sighted on the French wing of online retailer Amazon.


The game will see a return to the PlayStation platform after Insomniac’s trip abroad into Facebook and multi-format territory (with a stop off in Xbox One exclusive-land too). The game is a return to the classic R&C gameplay.

You can read all about Into the Nexus here in our preview.



  1. It’d be nice to see a proper Ratchet on Vita, I just hope this one runs well.

  2. If it’s on Vita then that’s the copy I’ll get unless cross-buy is available and only with the PS3 disc.

    Bought Sly TiT for PS3 but only played it on my vita

    • Isn’t it download only?

      • No, they confirmed it would be on disc as well.

  3. I’m so excited for this new Ratchet it’s unreal. It’s one of the only series that doesn’t need to reinvent to stay fresh, I hope it’s the same as 1-3 and the Future trilogy. Zelda has the perfect formula and doesn’t need to change, I think Ratchet is the same.

    I also hope this epilogue to the Future trilogy will serve as a bridge to another trilogy for next gen.

  4. Fingers crossed for a solid port then.

  5. It has to be ported better than QForce was, or I won’t be playing it.

    QForce runs ridiculously badly, especially given the delay the Vita version had to ensure it would run properly…

    • Agreed. Q-Force on Vita was such a disappointment after waiting so long. It was even more disappointing because the gameplay of Q-Force is a good fit for the Vita. If anyone but Insomniac are handling the port, I will stay well clear.

  6. Fingers crossed they’ll also port the R&C trilogy, like with J&D, having them on Vita would be magic.


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