Why I Can’t Wait For The Next Gen

Up until the reveal of the PS4, I wasn’t that excited for next generation consoles. Even though it has been eight years, it honestly felt like hardly any time had past and I thought there was plenty of life left in my PS3. But then I saw the games, I saw the features, I saw that it was truly a step up from the generation before it, arguably unlike the Wii U.

And, unlike Kris, the money they were asking for – Sony in particular at the sweet spot of £349 – matched up with exactly what I’m able to invest in a new machine.

£349 means I don’t need to buy on credit, and the double payment of my student loan helps all the more. I can save the money I’m making from working during the Summer, meaning I’ll be able to pick up at least one truly next generation system. Kris’ points in his article are valid but I believe these systems can co-exist and buying a PS4 on launch is ultimately a good choice.


There’s obviously the third party problem – but is it really a big problem? With the next generation of consoles will come better versions of games – why wait and be stuck with a poorer version of Watch Dogs or Assassin’s Creed, rather than experiencing them in their full glory? Even then there might be games that won’t be on PS4 and Xbox One – but who cares – my PS3 and Xbox 360 won’t go away, will they?

In fact, I plan to keep my PS3 in my living room not only to play these games that aren’t heading to next generation consoles, but as a media device, for TV, Netflix, music and anything else I want, leaving my PS4 as a pure games machine.

You have to remember that most of the current generation exclusives are arriving before November, meaning that I’ll have plenty of time to digest them while I anxiously await the release day of the PS4 – I pick up most Sony exclusives on launch, so I don’t feel as though I’m missing out.

The only big kicker is GTA V; a game which hasn’t been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One yet will prove extremely popular and perhaps extremely good. Of course my PS3 will still be around for this, but GTA V is a game which should keep me entertained for months and the only thing that I feel could keep me away from a next generation PlayStation.

But that’s just temporary. The PS3 and Xbox 360 releases won’t keep coming forever (except for FIFA, that never seems to stop) and a year or two down the line there’ll be a plethora of titles I won’t be able to play if I stick with the current generation.


“Why don’t you just wait a year?” I hear you say. Well the truth is that I don’t want to. I want a new, shiny black box under my TV; I want more polygons and a better framerate in my games; I want the next generation.

All the hype from the reveals and E3 has got me really excited and this time I don’t feel as though I’ll be disappointed at first as I usually am with new consoles; I feel like there’s something I’d be missing out on this time round.

And as for my backlog? Who cares – there’s newer, better games coming out. I’ll find time for my hundreds of games that I still need to play some time, perhaps only picking out the best rather than all of them. As I’ve said, my current generation consoles will still be there, still playable, waiting for the day I put down my PS4 controller in order to spend some time with them instead.

PlayStation Plus has only made my backlog of games worse, but I’m quite sick of getting titles that I only sort of want to play rather than big, next generation adventures that I can’t wait to get stuck into.

The next generation will certainly have the latest and most impressive titles on offer, and will have games that are simply more fun than what’s available via my current consoles, but my PS3 and 360 will still be there, allowing me to wring out the enjoyment when I feel like it; I won’t have to give them up. Why on earth wouldn’t I spend £349, it’s not like I’m replacing them completely.



  1. I’m wondering if MS will junk the 360 as quickly as they did the Xbox at the start of this generation? If X1 struggles then I expect them to drop the 360 pretty quickly in order to try & force an upgrade.

    • MS has said they’ll still support the 360. I don’t think they’ll drop the 360 to fuel One sales because there is no guarantee that 360 owners will buy a One instead of a cheaper PS4. If you force someone to buy anything new they usually choose the cheapest option- which would be a PS4. They sort of abandoned the first Xbox by not releasing games, but at that time the 360 was the only choice, plus they still kept XBL going for several years so nobody was technically forced to upgrade as all the MP games still worked. Also you need to figure in that for 3rd part devs the 360 has a good install base, more than the first Xbox, so it’ll remain profitable to develop for longer then the first Xbox

      • Looking at Microsoft’s exclusive support, you can pretty much say they’ve dropped the 360 a while ago…

  2. I just hope what ever happens that they get their f*****g act together and make the damn thing a bit more reliable.

    I’m on my third ps3 already this gen, that is ridiculous for such an expensive machine. I can’t think of any other industry that is so incapable of producing reliable products.

    I mean just look at the whole xbox RROD debacle, how did they not get crucified for that shit?. It’ll be interesting to see what more tech savvy peeps think about the potential reliability of these new consoles.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m melting from this damn forsaken heat, and my ps3 is dead (apparently it’s not too keen on the heat either)

    • Yeah, reliability needs to be a priority. At least we know the PS4 uses less power than the PS3 which should help.

      • cool, didn’t know that. I guess we’ll have to wait for more tech specs before we get a decent opinion on reliability, I’m looking forward to hearing what the guys at tech foundry on Eurogamer have to say about it.

        Surely it would be a given that both Sony and Microsoft would have put extra resouces into this area this time around?

        I can’t help thinking if they have they should talk up this aspect in the pre release hype, although maybe they don’t want to risk being seen to admit this gen’s poor reliability?

    • Here, here. The fact that my launch model PS3 and 360 broke, plus 1 more 360 and my current PS3 could solve global warming considering how much it freezes up is the number 1 reason why I don’t want to invest in a launch model anything. If I buy anything I’m definitely paying extra for an extended warranty.

      • “my current PS3 could solve global warming considering how much it freezes up”

        Lol. Ok, that was funny ^_^

    • Still on my first 80GB PS3. :)

      • Yeah im still on my day launch PS3, never had any problems. *touches wooden table*

      • I’ve always thought that with the backwards compatability of launch models (mine was the 60GB and a breaker) which basically amounted to having the insides of a PS2 and PS3 crammed into that large black casing and costing more to produce than retail, lead to them looking for any cost cutting solution possible and sadly the pound shop solder and flux was born. So anyone with a launch model that survived is extremely lucky………. just my 10 cents.

    • never had a PS3 break.

  3. I’m hoping we’ll see some new original IP’s that will really push the PS4, and if all the talk of how much easier and quicker it is to develop on PS4 is to be believed then we shouldn’t have to wait until half way into it’s life cycle to see the results.

  4. Lovely article and the perfect antithesis to Kris’ article yesterday.

    Just one mention from me. You spoke of “frame-rate” and I have to say this. I have not had one, single problem with the frame-rate of any game I’ve played on the PS3. Maybe I’m a forgiving chappie but I do often wonder what everyone is on about. Competitive play probably highlights the situation but I’ve barely EVER noticed a problem with any game I’ve loaded onto my trust, black, curve-backed Sony steed.

    • One game truly stood out for me on the frame-rate issue and that was FEAR 2, other than that most have been pretty damn smooth (as 30 can be!)

    • you must not be a Fallout/Skyrim… or in general, a bethesda fan. ;)

  5. @Gaztee:Reason MS dropped the original Xbox so quickly (in it’s prime i’d say) was that as they put it, it was ‘killing them’ to produce it.Putting a HDD in every console meant they were loosing too much money per unit sold.The Xbox had done what they wanted-established the Xbox ‘brand’ and put the online side in place with XBL.They wanted to get that essential head start over Sony with 360 as they’d seen just how massive a mountain they had to climb when original Xbox launched and PS2 had such a huge installed user base.Cannot see that happening with 360, no matter how Xboxone starts off.

    @Jones81:tell me about it, had my original PS3 die few weeks back, not really dared use my replacement that much in this heat, despite it being out in the open and a room fan on full blast.Cost me time and money just to get a replacement as is.

    @Blair:If you honestly think newer technology is going to equal higher quality games, just because they are running on more powerful hardware, few choice reminders:

    Compare Haze to Timesplitters 2+3 or Resident Evil 5 and 6 to Resident Evil 4, Bodycount to Black, DMC 4 to DMC 3 , Perfect Dark to Perfect Dark 0 etc etc.Yes newer hardware offers more possibilities, but if the ideas are’nt there then games will be just as bad as dissapointing games this generation.Besides just how many games from this generation started off on last generation platforms? Kameco, Timeshift, Dead Space….

    Myself, think i’m going to wait for 1st hardware revision of PS4, any launch hardware technical issues will be sorted out, redesigned PS4 probably use less power etc and by time it hits, wide range of quality titles at 2nd hand prices.Still probably have to DL patches for each and every PS4 game i buy mind…..

    • He meant cross generation games, not next gen sequels.
      Surely Watch_Dogs and AC4 will run smoother and with a few extra effects compared to the PS360 versions.

  6. Awesome read. Keeping my ps3, popping it in my bedroom. Preordered my PS4. That’s going in the living room. I’m mega excited :-)

  7. £349 means I don’t need to buy on credit, and the double payment of my student loan.

    if Kris gets the ps4 on credit it may take years to pay back. You use yours student loans to buy a ps4 it will be decades. Work hard on the summer and save for the PS4 you will appreciate it far more.

  8. I wish the PS4 cost twice as much, then my decision would be easy. As much as I don’t want to invest in next gen, the PS4 price is low enough that if some games really warrants an upgrade I can do so on a whim. I’m just afraid that some night after a few too many I’m going to wake up with a new PS4

  9. The issue I have is that there are so many good games still to come out this gen (GTA V, Puppeteer, GT6 etc) that I’m not in a massive rush to get a PS4. Coupled with the fact that I’ve played all the PS4 games revealed so far at least once, they can wait – that initial rush and excitement just isn’t there, yet.

    Hopefully Gamescom will show some real exclusives that interest me. More stuff like Hohokum, please, and less Killzone.

  10. I’m also in the “I can’t wait” team. I saved up my £400 as soon as I knew the PS4 was on the horizon hoping that that figure would be enough to get me the console and a game. My son will be taking over my old PS3 so I’ll still be able to play my PS+ backlog and we’ll have another really good media device in the house.

    Roll on November – I can’t wait either!!

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