Gearbox Remaking The Two Homeworld Games

When Gearbox bought the Homeworld license from THQ, it always seemed like it was a good match. And now, thankfully, they’re bringing the first two Homeworld games back out again [via], albeit as “HD remakes”.

Gearbox paid $1.35 million for the IP back in April when THQ’s assets were sold off – there’ll be re-issues of the original PC games (which were first released in 1999 and 2003) on digital formats alongside the remakes, which are currently only being developed for the PC platform.

The remasters were announced at PAX Australia overnight.


  1. Hell YES!

    I’ve recently grabbed it to play on my laptop but may hold off now. Awesome.

    All I need is a console remake of ELITE/Freelance & I’ll be a very happy bunny.

    • Ditto. Loved it first time around so will def be up for some retro space faring.

  2. Get to work on Borderlands 3 please, Gearbox. Your other projects have been a little underwhelming – to say the least – in the last few years. Cheers :D

  3. I suppose the best way to test the water is a hd remake. If it does well homeworld 3 is a little closer

  4. Awesome!! I hope they’re just HD touch ups without gameplay changes, I never finished the first because I was hopeless at strategy games, but the story, sound and presentation were just sublime.

  5. I’d be more than happy to indulge in a HD re-release here. Up those textures and poly counts, and leave the rest intact, please.

    • I’d be happy with a low-poly but sharply textured remake, there was something charming about those chunky little boxes flying around.

  6. Replayed the first game a few months ago. Would welcome an up-rezzed version, it’s a fabulous game with dated graphics. Be interesting to see if they could come up with a more fluid way of navigating your way through the 3D space, that’s the only thing other than the graphics that I’d like to see updated.

  7. Brilliant news. Homeworld 1 was jsut beautiful.

    Addagio with strings playing to the beam weapons tearing up your Mothership :D

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