Steam Getaway Sale – Day 11

It’s the last day of the Steam Summer Sale and so the most popular deals have returned. That means Tomb Raider is back to just over £7, Borderlands 2 is a shade under £7 and Civilization 5 is again £4.99.



There will of course be another batch of Flash Deals in eight hours time. At the moment Dead Island Riptide, GTA IV, The Cave and Fallout New Vegas all have hefty discounts.


Anything of interest for you? Or have you cashed in on these deals earlier in the sale?



  1. Overall this has been a bit of a disappointing sale. Most of the games I’ve either already got (from previous sales) or just aren’t interested in, while other games that I had my eye on weren’t discounted to what I was expecting :(

  2. I’ve spent the least amount of money in this years sale. I own most but many of the games I wasn’t interested in. I have 20 games in my wishlist but only 5 or 6 ever went on sale. Looks like they don’t focus on every available title.

  3. It’s not like they can discount everything right? :D

    I have spent over £50 in this sale and will end up playing 10% of them, or just firing up my ps3 :D

    Until I get my new PC later this year a lot of the games would crush my pc.

  4. It’s been a good, solid sale. However, I do tend to find more in the Christmas Steam sale, as a rule of thumb.

    I might swoop in on a game or two (ie. Resident Evil 6) but feel like being stubborn, just to wind Ron McPhatty up. ;-)

    • It’s your self control that bothers me most :) I think it’s been a good sale too. Last year the summer sale was less well received than the Christmas ones, I think it must be something to do with the likelihood of shifting games at this time of year, maybe discount negotiations just go better near Christmas when the competition is more fierce. Anyway, I’m well stuck into Tracania Canyon so I got my wish this time!

  5. This is my first Steam sale. I’m really pleased with the games I’ve picked up. I may not play them all straight away but sometimes a bargain price is just too good to pass by.

    • I’m with you there buddy. First sale. Bought 8 games I think and looking forward to getting around to Metro and Civ 5 once they finish downloading.

  6. For me its been great, i got Half life Complete, Counterstrike complete, the binding of isaac, tourchlight 2. These are games i felt i should definitely own as I dont play much PC.

    • Good work getting the Half Life pack!! There’s a hell of a lot of stuff in there to plough through and whilst dated its still great fun.
      In case anyone has the original retail Half Life, you might be keen to know that the CD key unlocks Half Life, Opposing Force, Team Fortress and Blue Shift. Dunno what made me try it, but it was a nice treat when all that popped up for free!

  7. YAAAAAAYY Borderlands 2 insta-purchased :D

  8. I picked up the following games this year:

    – Dust: An Elysian Tale
    – Monaco
    – Trials Evolution HD Gold or whatever it is called
    – GTAIV (what a waste of money)

  9. GamersGate ( is still having a sale for the next two weeks, I think. Today, Tomb Raider (PC) is 70% off or so. I don’t normally subscribe to newsletters but a handful of gaming sites definitely have my time and respect because they save me a bloody fortune. :-)

    • Ooo… also, they have a lovely “notify me if this price reduces” feature so I’ve tagged Lost Planet 2 and will bide my time. :-)

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