WeView Verdict: Super Stardust Delta

I’m a bit torn about how to discuss the response to Super Stardust Delta. On the one hand not a lot of people threw in their opinion on Super Stardust Delta, leading me to believe that perhaps it isn’t that popular. However, on the other hand those of you who did share your opinion were overwhelmingly positive, universally praising the game.

Among those heaping plaudits on the game was our very own Tuffcub, who stuck his head in early on to tell us that the game is “one I still play very regularly,” despite it being “One of the first Vita games”. Getting technical about the game’s graphical performance, he says that “The amount of bobbins it shifts about the screen is very impressive.”

Then there was bigbaldwolf, who was equally impressed by the game’s graphics, saying that “This game really wowed me with how vibrant the graphics were.” He also praised the game’s controls, feeling that it shows “just how well two analogue sticks work on a handheld” and that the game’s various modes “show off the different control options the Vita has.”

XisTG was less impressed by the game’s controls, finding that “the ones involving the gyroscope are not always the best option.” However, on the more positive side of things, they were just as effusive as Tuffcub and bigbadwolf about the game’s graphics, saying that “The game is pretty much on par with it’s PS3 version, and looks beautiful on the OLED.”

Much like Tuffcub, Detla was won of the first games that darknightgotham picked up for their Vita, calling it “one of the essentials” for the platform. They went onto say that “The game is great and really fun”, and that they still play it from time to time.

Next to get our attention is stueeeee, who was actually fairly fond of the PSP version of Super Stardust HD. However, despite this they said that Delta “blows it out of the water!” They did, however, feel that it “can be frustrating if you get stuck on the planet in main mode, and are trying to unlock all the planets.”

Finally we turn to salvodaze who simply said that you should “Buy it with the advanced starfighter pack. Great gameplay and visuals, one of my first Vita titles.” Well, that’s rather easy advice to follow.

It will likely come as no surprise that it was a complete landslide for Super Stardust Delta, with all six of you who shared your opinion of the game rating it as a Buy It. That surely tells you all you need to know.

We wrap things up with the poll to select next week’s WeView game. We’ll be putting Aliens: Colonial Marines centre stage in tomorrow’s WeView, so that drops off the poll, while Red Faction: Armageddon didn’t pick up enough votes to save itself. In their place comes Injustice: Gods Among Us and God of War: Ascension. As usual, the poll will shut at 11:59pm on Sunday, so you’ve got got until then to get your votes in.



  1. Love the Ps3 version, often dip into it for a blast. I picked this up for the Vita too but haven’t spent much time at it yet. I’ll have to give it some more attention after this weview.

  2. Loved the PS3 game, but this is even better :D

  3. I’ve enjoyed both the PS3 and Vita versions, keep going back to both for a blast.

  4. Gotta be GoW: Ascension next, so much to talk about in that game.

  5. Great game, bought it day one and still play it.

  6. hmmm, the game’s no longer available on psn?

  7. I mean it’s there, but not available to purchase?…

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