FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Data Carries Over To Next-Gen

Ultimate team has a large fan base here on TSA so it’s interesting to hear that EA have confirmed that all your Ultimate Team data for the upcoming FIFA 14 on current-gen consoles will carry over to next-gen.


So if you buy the game for your PS3 or 360 when it releases this September and spend time and money on Ultimate Team, all your data will carry over to your Xbox One or PS4 when or if you decide to progress to next-gen. This data includes players, in-game coins and items.

If you are planning to get either the Xbox One or PS4 on release then it may seem a little silly to buy the game twice for the sake of an extra two months or so of playing, but nevertheless your Ultimate Team data is safe.

There are no plans, however, to allow players to carry over FIFA 13 UT data to FIFA 14.

You can read Teflon’s preview of FIFA 14 here.



  1. Good news I suppose, although not entirely surprising since it’s all online and the info is held on EA’s (terrible) servers, not on your console.

  2. Hmmm, I was planning to prostpone my FIFA purchase until the next gen version was out. Not a massive fan of UT because of the pace fetish, but I’ll give it a go as always.

  3. Still enjoying 13. The UT mode has a lot to offer.

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