Watch The TSA FIFA Ultimate Team Competition Final

It was a long time ago, but we started with 32 competitors split up into 8 groups, all trying to battle their way through to the finals. With 126 matches now played we’re down to the final pair of competitors.

Today at 6PM BST, XBLakie_ChanX will take on YungJones in the final of the TSA FUT tournament. They’ve been kind enough to organise a live stream stream and at such a time that we can all tune in and watch what is surely going to be a very tight contest.

Update: You’ve missed the live stream now, but you can still check out the archived stream from XBLakie_ChanX. The action gets underway around the 4 minute mark.

We’ll naturally bring you up to speed on this result and the battle for 3rd place during the week, but I just want to take this opportunity to wish both players the best of luck for this match, may the best player win!


  1. Good luck to all involved in the matches.

  2. Again thanks for the stream and congratulations Yung and commiserations Blakie played chaps.

    • Yeah, it was a good pair of games, just got away from you in the end, Blakie.

  3. Very enjoyable set of matches, good football played all round. Blakie put up a good fight and pushed me to my limits, thankfully I was able to just edge him. Thanks again to those above who made this tournament possible, I’m sure I speak on everyone who participated’s behalf in saying what a fine job you guys have done. The community on TSA is exactly why I keep on coming back and I’m glad I got to test my wits against them on the pitch. Thank you again guys, keep up the good work!

    • Congratulations. Well done on your victory.

      Unlucky Blakie better luck next year. I might even enter and get knocked out first round. ;-)

  4. Just seen the archived stream up there, I was gonna do a SHAREfactory video but I guess that’s not needed? I’m good either way if people are happy with that or want me to compile a video.

  5. definitely will try to make a come back next year. that’s if i dont get knocked out in the early rounds by yungjones hahaha

  6. Congrats YungJones and unlucky Blakie I was so certain you would win this tournament, but hey there’s always next year ;)
    Brilliant competition this has been :)

  7. People laughed at me in the forums for calling YungJones as the winner after only his second group match…

    Who’s laughing now? (Well, besides YungJones anyway)

  8. Congrats YoungJones. !!!

  9. Well played YungJones! Any chance that TSA might run a tournament outside of Ultimate Team? I really can’t stand Ultimate Team and wouldn’t mind participating in one of these.

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