TSA’s FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Competition – Semi-Finals Results

This week saw the semi-finals of the TSA FIFA Ultimate Team Competition play out with a place in the final at stake for the two winners. 32 competitors have been whittled down to the last two, so who made it through? Read on to find out!

Semi-Final 1 – Baggyg Vs YungJones

The 1st match of this tie was apparently a very drab affair without a goal in the 1st half. The 2nd half livened up quite a bit, as YungJones scored a goal soon after the restart and then went on the attack. Baggyg’s keeper managed to keep them at bay, but another goal near the end from YungJones took the first leg 2-0.

Of course, this meant that Baggyg had some catching up to do in the 2nd leg to overturn the 2 goal deficit. Baggyg started the match playing attacking football, putting YungJones onto the back foot but Yung’s keeper held firm to keep the score at 0-0 at half time. Into the 2nd half then and Baggyg now had 45 minutes to try and find the net twice. At around 60 minutes Baggyg managed to score, setting the tie onto a knife edge with just the one goal now in it. With Baggyg now pressing more and more, this left space at the back which YungJones exploited to score in the 85th minute and then again on the 89th minute. The 2nd leg finished 2-1 to YungJones.

Final aggregate score Baggyg 1-4 YungJones

Semi-Final 2 – XBLakie_ChanX Vs Nidasbym (murguai_martin)

The 1st leg saw XBLakie_ChanX score two goals in the 1st half only for Nidasbym to reply with two of their own in the 2nd. The score was locked at 2-2 in the 80th minute when XBLakie_ChanX’s keeper made a shocking error and gave the ball straight to one of Nidasbym’s forwards, who didn’t need a 2nd chance to slot the ball home. The 1st leg ended 3-2 to Nidasbym.

Going into the 2nd leg and XBLakie_ChanX had a one goal lead to overturn. Connection issues unfortunately reared their ugly head with the score at 1-1, so they quit the match, restarted and both scored an own goal to reinstate the 1-1 scoreline. XBLakie_ChanX managed to score a 2nd on 10 minutes, then a 3rd and a 4th before half time to take the score in the 2nd leg to 4-1. There were no further goals in the second half so the match remained at that score.

Final aggregate score XBLakie_ChanX 6-4 Nidasbym (murguai_martin)

So congratulations to YungJones and XBLakie_ChanX who have both progressed into the final. Commiserations go out to Baggyg and Nidasbym for losing their semi-finals, but there’s still the not-so-small matter of the third place play off for them to enjoy! As a reminder, the payouts for this tournament are as follows:

  • Overall winner 150,000 FUT coins
  • 2nd place 80,000 FUT coins
  • 3rd place and 4th place 35,000 FUT coins each


Fixtures to be played this week

  • Grand final XBLakie_ChanX Vs YungJones
  • 3rd place play-off Nidasbym Vs Baggyg

Now this being FIFA Ultimate Team, sadly it’s not possible to play these matches as a one-off tie at a neutral venue, so in a slight twist, the ties will each be two-legged affairs as usual. Reminder of the rules for this below:

  • Both players host a match, thereby playing a match at home and a match away. The player mentioned first in the fixtures above hosts first and the other player second.
  • If the scores are tied after both matches, the player with the most away goals goes through.
  • If away goals are tied, and because FIFA UT won’t go to extra time and penalties, a run-off match is played in, hosted by the player mentioned first in the fixtures above, but with no away goal rule. It’s winner takes all!
  • If even that is tied, keep playing with Golden Goal rules and the next goal wins.

And finally, just a quick reminder that ability boosters are not permitted in this tournament.

Best of luck in your final set of matches guys! Please let us know when they will be played in the forum thread and if at least one of you could stream the matches and give us as much notice as possible, that’d be awesome, so then we can all tune in to watch!



  1. What a great competition this has been! I’m really proud to have taken part and would welcome another similar tournament in the future.

    Good luck to both players in the finals.

  2. I agree with Amphlett and I’d bet me points on BlakieChan to win the final (Sorry YungJones)
    Reason why I support well BlakieChan was in my group and was my first match xD
    Good luck gents. And good luck for the 3rd place play-off!

  3. thanks for the support crazy_del,going to try to stream the match. im also trying to set up the match some time over the next few days because i have college finals at the moment. so i need to hit the books before i can play some fifa… but this is probably going to be the hardest match as yungjones is clearly a top competitor. nearly beating everyone he has played by a large margin.

  4. me and yung are shceduled to play tomorrow at 10 a.m (PST) so thats 6 p.m (BST), we are both going to try and stream if connection issues doesn’t come up.

    • sunday may 25, 2014 at 10 a.m (PST) so thats 6 p.m (BST)

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