Is Microsoft About To Perform Another U-Turn To Lure Back Indies?

GameInformer are reporting that Microsoft is about to make yet another massive U-turn, this time to lure back indie developers.

The rumour is that Microsoft are to drop the requirement for Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to have a publisher, allowing independent studios to publish games themselves.

Developers will be able to set their own release dates and pricing and games will go through a radically overhauled certification process that will take just fourteen days.

GI say the new process will no longer involve “extensive code checking” and instead will focus on “terms of service violations and significant bugs”. While this does mean a game may ship with more glitches, Microsoft are no longer charging for patches so in theory bugs should be fixed quickly.

Hopefully Microsoft will make an official announcement soon.

Source: GameInformer



  1. I’m guessing they didn’t really have much option if they want innovative indie games on the One? However, it doesn’t really look very good does it?

  2. More buggy unfinished releases then. But at least they’ll get fixed.

  3. In other XBone news, the NYSE now refers to all Microsoft shares as “the laughing stock”.

  4. It appears that Microsoft are playing catch up to Sony but when you see how disillusioned their potential/existing customers have become, it’s no surprise that they’re still fire-fighting somewhat. For me, the stiffer competition will bring the best from Sony and that’s great for me as I intend to get a PS4 near launch or soon afterwards.

  5. I just wonder what impact, if any, this is having on the casual gamer?

  6. It was hardly a game-changer but it helps to level the playing field by having the Indies on-board.
    Does self-publishing on a particular platform mean that they would automatically be platform-exclusive? I’m thinking the Indies slated for PS4 may be exclusive simply because there wasn’t an X1 option at the time, and also wondering if there will be any multi-platform Indie games.

  7. Oh how things change lol :D

  8. Playing catch up yet again.

    Good for the indies, but just shows how stupid MS was in their initial vision. Anybody that is getting an XB1 needs to really thank Sony for all of the u-turns they have made. Without Sony, MS would be tyrants.

  9. As embarrassing as this is for them as a company it can hopefully mean benefits for gamers and developers alike. Maybe all this could lead to the most balanced generation yet where both sides ‘win’ and console wars (fanboy style) can finally become a thing of the past.

  10. Xbox One a.k.a. PlayStation 3½

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