Saints Row IV Could Have Featured A Dragon

Saints Row IV could have featured a dragon, according to Volition’s Jim Boone. The news that the already crazy third person action adventure could have sported a flying monster might come as a bit of a shock, even for a Saints Row game, but it was developed within a week.


“On Saints Row 4,” says Boone in an interview to be published on TheSixthAxis later today, “we had a week which we gave the team, and we called it ‘Awesome Week’. We literally gave the team a week to work on anything they wanted – don’t worry about the schedule, or tasks, or anything like that, just come up with anything you want and have fun with it.”

“There was a group of people that came up with a dragon,” he said, “which you could ride and could breathe fire on the enemies, and they actually got a crude prototype working in this week!”

“And it’s not in the game, but the only reason why is because of technical reasons. We didn’t think we had enough memory for the character slot to do it the right way and make it look good. It wasn’t because we couldn’t find a way to put a fire breathing dragon into Saints Row.”

“So that gives you some small insight into our insanity.”

Our full interview goes live at 3pm. It’s a good one.



  1. Would have been spectacular! Never one’s to play it safe and just do a 9 to 5. The creative juices in that team are Jizzmic! :P

  2. What a great way for the development team to make way for their creativity. Every studio should feature an Awesome Week for every game they develop!

    • I think quite a few places have this kind of thing, a way to let off steam every once in a while. Double Fine have their Amnesia Fortnight, which creates new games, for example.

      • That’s pretty cool. I wonder what Naughty Dog or Square Enix would come up with.
        SE would probably spawn a million more Lightning costumes… >_>

      • Agreed. If you work in a creative industry, breaking someone’s spirit – even if carried out slowly from a lack of fun/mental stimulation/etc – will eventually bite them on the arse with output being substandard.

        At my old place of work we were looked after very well and often had an hour or two gaming during the week. Directors would order in pizza and dish out an alcoholic beverage or two. :-)

  3. Sometime in the future …… Announcement: “Saint’s Row V has fire-breathing dragon!” :)

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