Sony to Hold Quarterly Events for Indie Developers

The next generation of consoles appears to be all about the indies right now, with Microsoft confirming that they’ll allow self-publishing on Xbox One and that all One systems can be used as development kits.

Sony are attempting to bring these indies in with quarterly developer meetings at their London offices, which could start as early as September. All indie developers, from the UK and around the world, are invited to see the latest updates on Sony’s three platforms, as well as discussing topics such as how big of an install base they have and how popular the PSN proves.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europes’s senior account manager, Agostino Simonetta, had a lot to say about PlayStation’s relationship indie developers when he spoke to Develop:

With the great success we are having actually of indie developers registering, we are seeing incredible numbers of new companies coming to the platform. There is a real sense that PS4 – and Vita as well, PS3 still has a long life – that this is a great opportunity for them to come back to console.

He described the amount of indie developers registering to develop for the PS4, Vita and even the PS3 as unlike anything they’d ever seen before, suggesting that “now there is a real opportunity for us to do what I call broadcast” with these events.



  1. It’s great that sony are doing this, hopefully microsoft won’t want to be left behind and will follow suit. Competition is only good for the consumers at the end of the day

  2. Ah, lovely. Not only are they receptive but actively stirring up interest and bringing indie-love to the masses. Brilliant stuff.

  3. Stand by for an annoucement from Microsoft saying they will be doing it monthly and handing out free ice creams to indie developers.

    • Microsoft may make a further announcement, but they don’t have a Vita and for me indie games and PS Vita are a really great combination!

  4. Just a question on the ‘all Xbox Ones can be used as devkits…..’ isn’t there a difference between a dev kit and a debug/local deployment unit which is essentially what the XNA & 360 setup was?

    • Yes, dev kits usually are more powerful than consumer console because you have to run analysis software while running the game but since the Xbox One might only use a certain amount of the full hardware (rumor: Windows 8 part of the system – 3 GB of RAM) there would probably be enough power left to enable such developer features.

  5. Positive moves Sony, bravo.

    • I can’t wait, for next-gens Indie explosion.
      (Coincidentally. iv’e wanted DayZ & a poss Arma on consoles, so long.)

  6. Anything you can do….We can do better.

    Indie developers must be living the dream right now with this competition.

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