Video Preview: Saints Row IV

We’re diving back into the simulated world of Saints Row IV, as I went hands on with the opening hour of the game. This time, however, we were capturing gameplay, to try and give you a fresh look at the game. After all, there are only so many ways I can tell you that it’s completely bonkers, before I have to show you!

Don’t forget to check out our in depth interview with Jim Boone, Senior Producer on the game, which went up earlier today. It holds some startling revelations, like whether or not he considers Saints Row IV to be high art, and if he’d vote the leader of the Saints into office…



  1. Lovely preview, fella. Looking forward to playing it with you. You know… it’s weird having you on my headphones without telling me to **** off. :-P

  2. I hope there is no anal penetration in this preview. As an Australian gamer, I’m not allowed to see such things!

    • David Cameron here in the UK is fast treading a similar censorship path. He loves Daily Mail readers.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks all this ‘controversial’ extremity is a bit desperate/pathetic/cheap?

    • Not at all, and that’s something I asked Jim Boone about in the interview which went up yesterday. Simply, there are clearly millions of gamers out there who love so much of the mind-bending silliness and nonsense from SR3, and this brings yet more of that.

      Naturally it’s a shame that it turns away those who don’t want that, in particular fans of the earlier games, but there are titles out there, like GTA, Watch Dogs or inFamous, which cater to the varied tastes people have in games.

      There’s nothing desperate or pathetic about honing in on what an audience wants, and I don’t think there’s anything cynical about the way in which they’ve done this with the series.

    • speaking as someone who has been a fan from the start of the series I can only say that yes, you are (or at least you are in the minority) the series has gotten better with every game, the third being the wackiest of them all, (who doesn’t like Genki?)

      it’s a shame people accuse this game of being shallow, when in fact they are only looking at the surface…

    • It’s something we mention in today’s podcast (check back to TSA at 5pm!) as well. I think it was in Tef’s interview with Jim Boone that he compares it to the Hangover which actually made a lot of sense to me. It’s ridiculous, and silly, and juvenile – but those are the reasons for which people like it; the same goes for here.

  4. Gonna be awesome! As soon as I have the full gamerscore on SR3 I will check this out :-)

  5. one thing I’m not 100% on (as I’ve not been paying attention) is there still female protagnists? as my last character was female?

    • Yup. You can still pick your gender, and the game’s intro is put together in such a way that you get to play a little before defining any real character traits.

      • ah good, so it’s like the others then, I wonder if there is a character transfer to make it easier? can’t remember if the third had that…(still not sure why I prefer going female in third person games…maybe it’s the fact that I’m going to have their arse in my face for numerous weeks…maybe it’s the Buffy factor…who knows)

        I hope it’s the same voice actress too…she has a great tone, and delivery, (I also hope they still have the cockney male voice, as that was my other character) but, as the video tells us, Nolan North is doing the/a male voice??? and Troy Baker also…so I guess that means we might miss out on some dialogue depending on the character we choose…unless that all happens in the intro.

        might need to go and play some more Third.

      • There are 3 male voices, 3 female voices and then Nolan North as the Zombie voice replacement.

        If you just want the main scripted dialogue, then go for whatever you had during the first game, but for a little bit of a giggle every once in a while, as Nolan references himself just being Nolan, pick him. It’s generally a rather minor thing, I believe.

  6. The running and flying is very similar to prototype. It’s not the same developer is it?

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