Community Chronicle: 28/07/13

This heatwave has gone on long enough, and it’s about time something stepped up to the plate and sorted it out, if you ask me. I for one welcome our new cloudy overlords, and hope they stick around for a little while. That damned star we hang around with needs to be taught a lesson or two, and I think that clouds and rain are the ones to do it!

Hopefully, given a little time, the Sun can come back into the fold. I mean, he’s not so bad, but sometimes he’s a bit too hot tempered for my tastes.

After the tail-wagging excitement of last week, we’re back to actual games and consoles, with Moakesice’s set up. It’s simple and nicely compact for now, but I’ll hand over to the man himself to give us a little description, and explain what he has planned for the future:

This is my new setup, which I’ve just finished after moving into a house on my own.

I have a 21inch Samsung LED TV which for its size pumps out an amazing picture, especially for gaming. Unfortunately my PS3 died a few weeks back, an old 60gb fat original, which gave me 5 odd years of happy gaming so it really paid for itself. So I’m using my Xbox 360 for my gaming, mostly playing Battlefield 3, Grid 2 and some old games I also had on my PS3 and loved playing. Sadly my PS3 died just before The Last of Us came out. I was so gutted because I really wanted to play it!

I have a simple Logitech speaker setup linked to my TV, but I do have some Triton headphones for gaming, when I can be bothered to use them. In my old house I had a 42″ LG plasma which was cool for gaming, but my circumstances changed so I now have this current setup. I am hoping to get a bigger TV and a decent surround sound package for my gaming in the near future.

Hey, it gets the job done, right? It sounds like you have some nice dreams for the future, so fingers crossed the house move has gone well, and you can get the cash together soon!

As for the rest of you, my little supply of submissions has run dry. So, if you don’t want me to have to resume my regular Saturday barrage, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

It has been another fairly quiet week, as people are most likely spending time out and about in the hot weather, and what have you. Still, there have been a handful of accomplishments in the community this week.

Crazy_Del popped up with his 181st and 182nd platinums from Skyrim and FUSE, respectively. As ron_mcphatty commented, it puts his 8th platinum – from Far Cry 3 – to shame, not to mention being more than double element666’s milestone of 90 last week!

Of course, Del is more than happy to lend a hand online, and he’s actually been playing FUSE alongside B_Cambo, who took that platinum, as well as Uncharted: Golden Abyss’s a little while back.

Elsewhere, bigbadwolf sounds like he’s finished a run through of the Dead Island Riptide’s campaign, and quite enjoyed it too, a sentiment I can certainly agree with. Youles and McProley have also been plugging their way through it, and both seem to be closing in on the platinum. Youles also got around to finishing off The Last of Us, thoroughly enjoying the somewhat divisive ending.

Just a single new platinum record this week, as BadBoyBoogie claimed Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for his impressive collection.

Finally, a little rallying cry came from Boomshanks, looking to plough through the versus trophies for Resident Evil 5. If you’re after them yourself, or just fancy lending him a hand, get back to him in the Trophy Banter thread.

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. Great set up, everything within seated reach, love the “Can you pass me a beer” hatch above the desk. :P
    Well done to the trophy gatherers this week, I’ve been on a bit of a gap month but will probably be back in the hunt in the next few months with around six new game releases that I want for PS3!

  2. I am also glad of the cooler slightly damp weather proper belted it down through the night,it was just too warm im a winter man myself :D.. Nice easy set up Moakcies reminds me of the days i had everything placed on a desk in a similar fashion,and as freeze said that mirror does look like a beer hatch :D..and BLUR what a classic still don’t understand what happened with that game,when i started playing it again on PS3 about a few months back there where an average of 500 people online for several days,then it went to around 4 to 5 thousand and now its pulling about 15 thousand a night… Classic.

    • its an awesome game that people forget about, just like Singularity

  3. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Bunimomike tolerated Teflon for yet another week.

    *rapturous applause*

  4. Ohhh new TSA outlook….. here’s hoping I like it as it might take a while to sink in.
    Nice looking setting up there Moakes.

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