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ASDA No Longer Selling Wii U Consoles or Games

ASDA have decided to stop stocking Wii U consoles in its UK stores, of which there are over 500. This comes soon after them heavily cutting the price of the Wii U (to get rid of stock, perhaps?) and just days after Friday’s release of Pikmin 3, which has received a lot of praise and entered at number two in this week’s UK games charts.

Only eight products – presumably leftover stock – remain on the ASDA Direct website, with nothing to be found on store shelves. Speaking to CVG, an ASDA representative said:

Asda continues to offer customers a selection of Wii U games and accessories through Asda Direct, but these ranges are currently not on offer in Asda shops.

Oddly, the retailer doesn’t appear to be stocking 3DS systems on ASDA Direct, either, despite the console (and its games) proving very popular this year. It does, however, stock the PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita, with pre-orders open for PS4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo refused to comment on “specific business practises with individual retailers” but did say “software sells hardware”, pointing out the recently released Pikmin 3 and New Super Luigi U, as well as the upcoming Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World as reasons to look “forward to the year ahead on Wii U.”

Update: The retailer has issued a secondary statement to CVG, stating that “Asda will stock [Wii U] games on a title by title merit basis as they come along through Asda Direct. We will continue to support Nintendo as a format holder partner.”

So, it looks as if ASDA will be only stocking Wii U titles that they know will sell well. It looks a bit worrying for certain games, then.


  1. No surprise I live 5min walk from an asda so sadly spend much time inside. The games section was revamped diminishing WII-U and also they now only sell Vita accessories, console bundles and used games… Money (or lack of it) speaks volumes.

  2. The plight of the Wii U upsets me, after the shocking quality of the Wii titles, mainly due to awful motion controls. The Wii U has brought me some excellent games, the Luigi add on for Mario U is amazing, most fun I’ve had in ages.

  3. The problem with the Wii U is the Wii U pad. Nintendo need to got over the idea that you need a gimmick to sell a console. If a control method isn’t natural and intuitive and ADDS to the game play then it shouldn’t be implemented, in my time with one not a single game needed to use it even though it was shoe horned in.

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