ASDA No Longer Selling Wii U Consoles or Games

Update: retailer stocking on a “title by title basis”.

Asda ‘Top Ten’ PS3 For £25

Eyepet (inc Camera), PES 2010, Fallout GOTY but guess what’s missing..

Street Dates & Supermarkets: A Tale Of Woe

It’s time for Lewis to have a rant.

TSA Speaks To ASDA On Modern Warfare 2

Well, not the whole shop, but the main man.

That’s Asda Price

(Update) Go on, guess how much.

ASDA Admit Selling At Loss

ASDA lose money on certain games because they love us so much.

Asda Cuts Price On Flashpoint

Flash! Aahhaa! We saved, every one of us!

Supermarket Sweep?

Sainsbury’s reveals its gaming ambitions.

Asda To Enter Pre-Owned Market

Roll up, roll up get your bananas… and your rare copy of Lair.

Indies Getting It Tough

I avoid being funny for almost a whole post. Independents cry.