TSA Speaks To ASDA On Modern Warfare 2

Apologies if you thought today would be about anything other than Activision’s latest entry into the now annual Call of Duty series.  Because, for the most part, it’s not.  However, today’s also about ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and everyone else selling Modern Warfare 2 at a decent price, and no, GAME, that doesn’t include you.  Drop your prices and we’ll say Hi, though.

So, yeah, ASDA.  I just spoke to Duncan Cross, Video Games Buying Manager at the supermarket, regarding the pricing for Modern Warfare 2.  ASDA’s current price for the game is set at £32, a little above the likes of Sainsbury’s (at £26) but well below the RRP that Activision have set for the standard edition (that doesn’t come with Night Vision goggles or a real M4 Carbine).


He told us that ASDA are “very confident” about their levels of stock, telling us that “other retailers may well struggle to stay in stock given their pricing”.  We get the impression that throwing around figures like £26 might get people in but the likes of Sainsbury’s may well sell out within hours, whereas ASDA will have stacks of copies to last them all week.

“The majority of ASDA stores are open from midnight today so I hope as many customers as possible get hold of this great game,” Duncan told us.   Referring to comments regarding the store having 600,000 copies pre-ordered, he tells us that was a misquote.  “That’s the market wide figure and not the ASDA figure,” he confirms.  Wherever you get your copy, this is turning in to a real supermarket battle.