Asda Cuts Price On Flashpoint

Asda are once again undercutting other stores by offering Codemasters’ “Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising” at princely sum of £27. Adverts in national press today reveal the deal is for both PS3 and 360 versions of the game and will last for one week. So far, no word from Tesco who undercut Asda last week on the release of FIFA 10 by selling it for £24.97, half the recommended retail price. Asda spoke to MCV about the price cut,

“It is free market forces at work and it is a matter for retailers to make decisions which they consider to be beneficial to their business.”  The key word there is “business”, as at the reduced price Asda will be making little profit on the sale of Operation Flashpoint (a process known as a Loss Leader) but it will bring customers in to the store who could purchase some other groceries.


Source : MCV