ASDA’s PR Company Says PS4 “Set To Hit UK Stores At The End Of This Year”

ASDA’s PR company have, in a press release issued today, claimed that the PlayStation 4 is “set to hit UK stores at the end of this year,” suggesting Sony are indeed working on a global 2013 release.

“Set to hit UK stores at the end of this year,” says the statement, “the hugely powerful machine will have an all new personalised menu screen where gamers will see recommended content, what their friends are up to and other tailored information.”

“Sony’s iconic controller has also had a shake-up as Dualshock 3 becomes Dualshock 4 with more precision, a new Touch Pad and the share button.” The intention was to indicate that the retailer is now offering pre-orders for the console, at just £20, saying they’re the “only UK supermarket currently offering a pre-order service.”

You can do so, if you choose to, here.

We’ve reached out to both SCEE and ASDA’s PR firm for clarification, but for now assume that this is just an estimate, and note that Sony haven’t stated any date yet for the release of the PlayStation 4 other than “Holiday 2013”.

Note too that the terms and conditions on the pre-order state that whilst “the current expected date of release made by Sony is Christmas 2013” it’s worth noting that “Asda make no Guarantees that this is correct or will not change and Asda shall not be held responsible if Sony change or delay the release date of the Sony PlayStation 4 in the UK and or limit stock.”

Update: ASDA’s PR have told us that they “have had no confirmation from Sony” and that the date is “merely an estimation” and they “look forward to hearing a confirmed release date soon.”



  1. I pre-ordered with Game the day after the announcement but I’m very fickle so I have no concerns about switching to another retailer when people start talking pricing.

    • What happens to those who pre-orders already if there’s more than one PS4 SKU, which isn’t unlikely? It’s the only thing holding me back from pre-ordering.

      • The Game pre-order I have is basically just a placeholder, they’ll contact me when bundles, etc. are in place and I can pick one, I think.

  2. Well, if ASDA say so….

  3. As much as I would like a PS4 I wont be joining the next gen probably until the inevitable slim revision…

    Whilst I don’t think that the same problems that dogged the PS3’s early life will be present to the same degree, I think the price point will be too high to justify shelling out for what is essentially the mk1 tester, not to mention all the new OS.

    Also I am more interested in what other companies are going to bring to the table

    All that said I am looking forward to the next gen getting started asap

  4. I think I’ll wait until the price is released before preordering. The price probably won’t make a difference on whether I buy it or not (despite me saying on TSA it will) but it makes me feel better about myself when I wait.

  5. I will wait till amazon & HMV start taking orders

    • same here, once it’s up on amazon to preorder officially that’s when ill put my order in. Price doesn’t really matter.

      • So are you prepared to pay any price !

  6. I tend to find amazon the best place to preorder consoles. They always seem to be the easiest site to change their price to match the competition. Game are easily the worst. Zavvi can be good priced but highly unreliable. Id recommend shopto too. I don’t trust supermarkets at all.

  7. I bought my PS3 from Woolworths! When are they going to start taking pre-orders?!

    and relating to the update, it’s baisically someone taking what everyone is guessing at and saying ‘we can say it’s releasing at this time, take pre-orders, and make a load of hype about being the first supermarket to do so!’

    • That’s where I got mine from too, it was the only shop in town that the delivery was late. Had to wait for hours for it to turn up on my day off. Yes I took a day off to pick it up.

      • ha, i was at uni at the time, but the delivery was late to the store I was collecting it from as well!

        It was strange, they had stock delivered for sale in store but said the pre-ordered deliveries were separate, I stated how irritating this was and so they gave me one of the store stock units and sent someone out to my house later with my receipt!

  8. I doubt I will be an early adopter, I like to wait until there is a decent game catalogue (unless Gran Turismo gets released)
    plus the inevitable pricewars between retailers will be worth waiting on.

    • I think I’ll be following you, but mainly because I probably won’t be able to afford one when it’s first released!

  9. I’ve pre-ordered with The Hut for £399, as a safety net. I’m more than prepared to switch supplier when more info comes out.

  10. I’ll either wait for to preorder a PS4 or I’ll just reserve one from a local electronics store. Although pricing is not really a factor for me, I won’t pre order until I know what SKUs are going to be available and how much they will cost.

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