ASDA’s Like, Here, Have A £40 Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray’s the future, or at least it was five or six years ago.  Now everyone and their dog’s getting in on the HD action but if you’ve got a reluctant grannie or don’t want your kids shoving disks into your PS3, ASDA are here to help.

Just in time for your Christmas shopping, the supermarket giant is offering up a Blu-ray player (which, remember, will play DVDs as part of the tech specs) for just £40.  That’s about the price of a game.  Or a Blu-ray film at HMV.


Don’t expect top notch quality, it’s a ONN DS-BD52 unit, but it sports digital out for video and audio (HDMI and coaxial) and can even be bought in-store, not just online.

“More and more UK homes are now equipped to enjoy the full benefit of high-definition Blu-Ray discs,” said Asda’s  Wayne Steenson stated. “We’re pleased to be offering Blu-Ray players at the lowest price in the market.”

Our brains are melting at the thought of Blu-rays being shoved – at some point in the chain – through a SCART cable.

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  1. Think kids, when the PS3 was released, Blu-ray players were £999.99. that was my key argument for the PS3 at the time.

    • What? Are you serious? I remember them being more expensive than PS3s themselves but I’ve never seen one for 1k Pounds. This must have been before mass production kicked in, right?
      Also, 40 Pounds for a Blu Ray movie? This can’t be right…

      • Initial prices for Blu-ray players was around the 1000 mark. Too be honest they were lowered in price quite quickly and I have never known why they did release them at that price with the PS3 soo much cheaper.

      • The HMV bit was pure satire.

      • Blu-ray players dropped in price quickly in the US too. Much faster than I remember the price of DVD players dropping.

  2. And so the death of DVDs truely begins.

    • Nevar!!

      Blu-rays are obviously better quality than DVD’s, but as long as Blu-rays remain around up to £10 dearer, i will continue to buy DVD’s.

      • £10 for a blu-ray is great price (current price for many films in HMV stores), the quality of both sound and visuals out weighs the cheaper price for a DVD made poorly and sometimes skips/blocks up.

      • Why don’t you buy everything on tape instead then?

      • …unless you have a PS3, in which case it support for video upscaling and audio is pretty damn good B).

      • Agreed, the price of Blu-rays is ridiculous. They won’t become the main thing until they come down in price, DVD’s are just so much cheaper, and Blu-ray quality is better, but not worth the price (depending on the film though).

      • I have never had a faulty DVD & when I am paying £3 for a DVD compared to £10 for a Blu-Ray, I know which I am choosing. I would much prefer to go home with 3 DVD’s for the price of one slightly better quality Blu-Ray tbh.

        Many will disagree with me of course, but I know I would much rather experience three different stories rather than just the one. I just don’t think that Blu-ray is enough of a step up to completely annihilate DVD (IMO).

        What makes me laugh though is when they advertise Blu-Rays on DVD’s – Because you can clearly see the difference in quality on the DVD quality trailer, right? XD

      • The low price of the player will lead to a lower price for blu-rays as the deman for them will rise. Granted it wont be instant or as cheap as DVD’s, but it will change!

      • I don’t mind buying blu-rays when they have the triple play, so you get the HD, SD and digital, seems a bit more worth it then..

      • Tip: Don’t buy Blu-rays from Tesco, they tend to be a couple of quid more than Amazon, as for Blu-ray 3D’s they’re £5-£10 more expensive than Amazon… rip off!

  3. wow cant believe how cheap that is, now the price of Blu-Rays need to go down

  4. Woah, that is cheap. I do wonder whether the quality of it will be any good mind you. Think I’ll stick to my PS3!

  5. Don’t see the point of a single movie player thing anymore, we’ve got consoles that can do that now, why buy a player? I guess its great for the less aware.

    • Because it’s £40. Not £200+.

    • Yep. Means I can pick up a cheap player for THE REST OF THE WORLD who don’t actually like games. You know. The majority? :-)

      • Obviously I’m not offering to buy everyone a player. Just family/loved ones/etc. ;)

      • Oh, and there was me thinking I might get one off you for Christmas. :P

      • You might get something off him if you’re nice – Won’t be a Blu-ray player though! XD

      • You wear stockings right? ‘Cos that’s where my present goes.

    • Some of us have Televisions in other rooms to you know.

  6. Not the cheapest – Richer Sounds have been doing a sub £40 BR player (including delivery) for months –

    • Awesome – I have a richer sounds just up the road from me!! :)

    • Interesting, good shout!

    • BD Player*

      Plus that’s a Philips too, not some crappy ONN.

    • Wow, that does seem to be quite the bargain!

  7. I really need an HDTV.

    • and a PS3!

      • I have a PS3 now.

      • Yeah, pay attention. Kris has had a PS3 for, like, weeks! It’s all over twitter.

      • “It’s all over Twitter”

        Hence why Mike doesn’t know! He’s also played through Uncharted 1 and 2 and is now going through Uncharted 3, Mike. Shocking!

    • God you deffinetly need a HD TV then. I was shocked when I went round my brothers and he was still using a SD TV. I couldn’t even read most of the menus on screen!

      • Shall we have a whip round for Kris?

      • I seem to have come into possesion of a rather large jar of biscuits, I can donate whats left of them

      • Yeah text is hard to read. It sucks.

  8. This would be of interest if I didn’t already have 3 3DBDP’s in my bedroom.

  9. dear god can you imagine the quality.
    i had on onn dvd player for about an hour, the picture was absolutely appalling,so went straight back to asda..

  10. Other Features:

    HDMI connection
    Composite video and digital coaxial audio

    cool it has a remote and shit sherlock how else would you see the awesomeness of the 1080 image.

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