Give Asda Your 3DS And £97, Get A PS Vita

Supermarket chain Asda has announced a spectacular trade in deal.

Give them your Nintendo 3DS and once the console has been tested and confirmed to be working, Asda will email you a voucher that entitles you £100 off a PlayStation Vita. This is more than double the usual trade in price Asda offer for a 3DS.


The voucher can be used against the Wi-fi or 3G console which Asda are selling at £197 and £259 respectively. So you could get a brand new, shiny PS Vita WiFi for just £97 or an always-connected 3G model for £159.


Source: Asda



  1. Gamestop has a similar deal in Denmark (for the danes out there), where they offer you 1200DKR (136£) for your 3DS, if you preorder the Vita with them, which means you can get the Wifi model for 800 DKR (90£) or the 3G version for 1200DKR (136£). Add 100 DKR (11£) to both offers and you get a game with the system, eg. Fifa. I got the 3G version with Fifa for 1300 DKR 147£, which is very fine for danish prices :)

    • preorder = order (deal stills running)

  2. thats a pretty good deal I think. Not that I have a 3DS or anything either, but if I did, I would certainly look at this deal.

  3. So normally you’d get £50, that seems kinda low lol.

  4. Not a bad price at all but, once you’ve factored in memory cards and games I suppose you aren’t really saving yourself much.

    Pesonally I traded in an old 360 that I bought for £10 and was pretty much held together with a rubber band (worked fine though) and HMV gave me £60 for it. I then bought a Wifi Vita from them for £229, which came with Uncharted and the pre-order pack.
    Popped over the road to Gamestation, where I had £60 store credit to spend, so got an 8GB mem card and a £10 PSN voucher for £40.
    Not a bad haul for £170 cash :D

  5. GAME and HMV are doing about the same, £130 credit when trading in a 3DS against a Vita, meaning £99 for a Vita. In HMV, that’s £99 for a Vita and Uncharted or HMV. Better value than the ASDA deal.

  6. Any idea what the regular trade in price for a 3ds is at say game/hmv/uk retailers? I preordered my vita from amazon but want to get rid of my 3ds for some vita games or psn vouchers.

    • 80quid for the 3ds at gamestation. Got uncharted and £35 psn voucher. Beats it gathering dust!

  7. This is a bad deal

    the best deal is trade in a 360 at Gamestation and get Vita for £75

  8. Not a bad deal. I love my 3DS though so i’ll just stick with trying to win a vita. Not going well at the moment. I may have to resort to more extreme tactics.

  9. I don’t know. A reasonable deal but you’d have to be pretty disappointed with your 3DS to go for it.

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