Take-Two Hint at a Red Dead Redemption Successor

Take-Two are looking to turn not only GTA, Borderlands and BioShock into “permanent franchises”, but Red Dead too, according to their CEO.

Speaking at Take-Two’s Q1 earnings results, CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke about their goal for the future – their aim “to try to create permanent franchises,” going on to say that this was their “unique goal in the industry.”

Our competitors do not see it that way. Our competitors’ view is that our franchise will have a certain life, and at the end of that life, you move onto the next thing, so you better make hay while the sun shines. Our view is to the contrary. The best franchises are permanent franchises.

Outside of our business you can look at James Bond, for example. And it’s been our goal not just to preserve and grow the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but also to build other franchises that we think can be permanent, whether that’s the Red Dead franchise or the Borderlands franchise or the BioShock franchise or others, Civilization, for example.

It’s a good goal, and one that has certainly been successful with these franchises before, creating not only popular but critically acclaimed titles that we often see in among Game of the Year picks.

A next generation Red Dead game – after the success of Revolver on the PS2 and Redemption on the PS3 – would be highly welcomed. They clearly know the strength of their franchises, also announcing that BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2 had sold four and seven million units respectively.

Source: Seeking Alpha, via Videogamer



  1. Very much so. Redemption was a great game and I’d be up for some more from the Red Dead world, that’s for sure.

    Also, makes perfect sense as what else are the various Rockstars working on (ignoring GTA)? :-)

  2. Music to my ears. Loving their vision too.
    RDR on next-gen, will blow me away, no doubt about it.

  3. Red Dead is one of my top 3 games of this generation. Would absolutely love another one, especially on PC! Hopefully once GTA V is out they’ll announce something.

  4. Wow, surprised Borderlands 2 outsold BioShock Infinite by so much – although I guess it must include various price drops Borderlands 2 has had since it was released whereas BioShock Infinite is much newer.

    Anyway, another RDR game would be great!

  5. Yes please. RDR was among the most memorable experiences I’ve had on PS3.

    • I’ll never forget the first thunderstorm I came across in RDR. Unbelievable stuff and captivating for many minutes. *happy sigh*

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