VIP Pass Dropped For F1 2013

The previous two F1 titles from Codemasters have required a VIP Pass (essentially the same as an online pass) to activate multiplayer features. This pass has now been dropped and will not be required in the upcoming F1 2013, or the Classic Edition.


Codemasters stated “players will not be required to activate multiplayer functionality via a VIP Pass code and we have no plans to replace the pass with an alternative paid-for activation system in the game.”

There was no news on whether online passes for other Codemasters titles will be removed, though it seems quite likely that they would follow suit.

Codemasters join the likes of EA, who have also dropped online passes from certain games.

F1 2013 releases on the 4th of October.

Source: MCV



  1. Glad to here that.
    The only way I can continue my career in Grid 2 was to delete all game data and re-install without VIP pass.

  2. “and we have no plans to replace the pass with an alternative paid-for activation system in the game.”

    So they will limit functionality then? Half of the features available for second hand, and full features for brand spankers.

  3. Maybe it’s time for me to finally dive in after abandoning the previous 2.

  4. Glad to hear. I reckon though that they’ll save some of the classic content as DLC, just to make up for the money lost from the pass sales.

  5. I can’t see this as any sort of revenue loss to be honest. This years game will cost exactly the same as has been charged in previous years with the online pass included.
    By the time people are able to buy the used game + online pass from the store, the new (sealed) game will likely be selling at a lowered price so both versions will cost more or less the same, I know which I’d opt for….sealed deal!

    ie. I don’t think that the passes on the store for used games were selling very well!

  6. Woohoo! I may finally platinum an F1 game this time around. Can’t do trials though, tis what I always suck at. Anyhoo, good to hear more news on online passes being dropped.

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