Four Present Day Assassin’s Creed IV Screenshots

I’ve not completed Assassin’s Creed III, so I’m not sure of the ramifications of that game on the present day plot line, though I can harbour a guess from the below screenshots, as it doesn’t appear to show any returning characters.

They’re all work in progress shots right now but look rather decent, though perhaps not the next generation step-up that we were hoping for.


Perhaps they don’t mean anything, as those Assassin’s Creed figurines seem a bit out of place – they could just be mock-ups rather than real, in-game settings, though they all seem to be set within the walls of Abstergo Entertainment, which is interesting.

Source: AllGamesBeta



  1. From what I’ve read before, the setting is that you have been hired as a research analyst by Abstergo Entertainment and are tasked with finding out information about Edward Kenway. That would probably explain the figurines on the desk.
    You use the Animus as you would normally, however the system has been upgraded so you don’t personally need to have the Memories in your DNA, Abstergo have the DNA stored somewhere and you are able to use that an the Animus to access memories.

  2. nice to see they have written themselves back out of a corner a little :) aliens and adam and eve and nolan north weren’t really necessary were they?

  3. The first Hashish Men’s Creed was enough for me I’m still scratching my head at how people like this so much… I’m really picky though :)

  4. The figurines look like collectables of some kind, there are a few empty plinths there waiting to be filled with more…

    Also, is the Abstergo Entertainment logo the same colours as the playstation logo ??

  5. Don’t worry, I finished AC3 and I don’t have a clue what it all was for or what it all meant. I’m not sure Ubisoft did either.

    Maybe at the beginning of AC4, Desmond wakes up in the back of a van following the events in AC2 and everything else we played was just a bad dream.

    I read somewhere that when you leave the animus in AC4 you can wonder around Abstergo HQ and mingle with other online players. A bit like Playstation home I guess.

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