Crytek Websites Have Been Hacked

Crytek websites have become a target of ‘suspicious activity’ and as a result the developer has taken a number of websites down until the source of the breach has been found and sorted out.

“We recently became aware of suspicious activity relating to some of Crytek’s websites, and acted quickly to take those websites offline for security reasons.”

The affected sites include,, and However other sites such as have not been affected by the breach.


In an update sent to Eurogamer Crytek have confirmed that user details may have been compromised including email addresses and passwords, though whether they have been unencrypted is unknown. Crytek have sent out emails to all affected accounts, so check your inboxes and spam folders if you do have a Crytek related account.

TheSixthAxis once again reiterates that you use individual passwords for every site you’re a member of. If you have an account with any Crytek site please change your passwords as soon as possible.

Source: Crytek / Eurogamer



  1. Either it is unreported or the hackers never actually use the data they steal, if anyone was stolen and/or read. We never hear of anything happening after we hear about the hacking stories…

  2. Every website is being hacked! I wish all my stuff was ‘always on’

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