Top 100 of 2013 Recap: 50-46 – Tearaway, Dragon Age and Bayonetta 2

We’re half way through the recap of our Top 100 countdown! We’ll get another quarter of our list done this week, before reaching the top twenty five games of our countdown next Monday.

Today we’ve got Tearaway, Starcraft II, Fortnite, Dragon Age and Bayonetta 2 – five games that I know very little about, so this should be fun.

50. Tearaway


50. Tearaway

Tearaway is one of about two big first party games coming to the Vita later this year. It was recently delayed until the end of November, from mid-October. That’s a good sign though, as it means the brilliant minds at Media Molecule will be putting even more time into making sure it’s a great title.

[drop]Media Molecule did a wonderful job with LittleBigPlanet, so it would be good if they could replicate the success with Tearaway, and perhaps even shift some more Vitas.

If you’re not actually sure what the game’s all about, it’s essentially an adventure game set in a world of papercraft, with heavy interaction via touch, where the player can actually touch into the game world via the screen, directly affecting the environment.

It looks quite brilliant and certainly very charming. Peter previewed the game after seeing it at E3, where he also spoke to designer Rex Crowle, where he described it as “hugely impressive” in regards to the variety to be found.

He also mentioned the inventive use of interaction, with your fingers, face and even the environment around you appearing in the game. Sounds fantastic, then.

49. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

49. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Heart of the Swarm is a full expansion to Wings of Liberty and the second part of the Starcraft II trilogy, this time focusing on the Zerg race, while Wings focused on the Terrans. It features additional units, multiplayer changes and a continuation of the campaign, as well as plenty of other changes.

The expansion released in March, and currently sits at a score of 86 on Metacritic, with over sixty positive reviews and only one mixed and one negative review, which is quite impressive.

The next expansion and the third part of the trilogy is named Legacy of the Void, but with development only starting upon the release of Heart of the Swarm it might take some time before it releases – there were three years between Wings and Swarm.

48. Fortnite

48. Fortnite

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything about Fortnite, with Epic keeping things relatively quiet after its initial reveal in December 2011. There’s no word on whether it’ll actually release this year – it looks doubtful now since we’re two thirds of the way through – or which platforms it will be appearing on.

It’s interesting in that it will utilise Unreal Engine 4 – hinting at a possible next generation release – which should offer great physics and a brilliant graphical style. This is combined with gameplay based around building forts and fending off zombie attacks, so it should be quite an interesting take on the saturated zombie theme.

While it didn’t have a presence at E3, the below off-screen video shows a presentation of the gameplay. Although it looks quite odd, tt does show off the unique crafting, which seems quite good.

47. Dragon Age III: Inquisition

47. Dragon Age: Inquisition

I’ve never played a Dragon Age game, but going by BioWare’s other RPG trilogy, the sci-fi trilogy Mass Effect, this should be a great game hampered by a poor ending. Right?

The game is no longer coming out this year, being shifted back to the third quarter of 2014. It’s said to be much more open-ended in comparison to the narrative linearity of the previous games, based around an all-out civil war between mages and templars, the foundations of which were built in the plot of Dragon Age II.

It’s said to fuse the aspects of the previous two instalments, with combat differing and being much more tactical, and additionally takes influence from more open-world games, such as Skyrim.

Finally, it’s actually dropped the numbering now, simply being called “Dragon Age: Inquisition” and, quite interestingly, is coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well as PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

46. Bayonetta 2

46. Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is coming exclusively to the Wii U at some point next year, rather than this year as we had expected. Along with Sonic Lost World, it’s part of Nintendo’s partnership with Sega, bringing games from their former hardware rival exclusively to the Wii U and 3DS.

It’s actually being published by Nintendo, with Sega advising and Platinum Games – who are also bringing The Wonderful 101 to the system this month – developing. From what I’ve seen, it looks like a worthy successor, with some brilliant action and gigantic fights, all of which seems to be running really well on Nintendo’s latest home console.

There’s no word on an exact release date, but this, along with a host of other titles, will make 2014 a very important year for Nintendo.



  1. Really looking forward to Tearaway. Although I probably won’t have the funds in November I’ll pick it up eventually. The Puppeteer as well is another I’m interested in, they’re both so quirky that I just love the look of them.

  2. Love the look of Fortnite (ugh to the spelling!). Looks like a nice change to the usual stuff. Will keep my eyes peeled for that. Cheers for the heads-up, Blair. :-)

  3. i thought Inquisition was exclusive to the next gen machines.

    a current gen version will be handy for me as i don’t expect to be getting a next gen machine for quite a while, and i really want to play the next Dragon Age game.

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