Tearaway Delayed Until November

I’m pretty sure a lot of PS Vita owners are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Media Molecule’s papercraft adventure, filled with the same kind of utterly beguiling charm for which LittleBigPlanet is known.

Unfortunately, Media Molecule didn’t feel like they were quite ready for the game’s rapidly approaching release date in October, and speaking on the PlayStation Blogs, they have stated a desire to really nail their first handheld game and deliver the perfect adventure for Iota and Atoi, by pushing the game’s release back.


At it’s not that big a delay, as the game has only been moved back by a month, with a new release date on the 22nd of November.

I guess that just gives you another few weeks to make more squirrels.

Source: Playstation Blog.



  1. I

    • I’m really looking forward to it and a month won’t matter too much.

  2. A bit of a shame but I’d much rather have a more polished and more importantly finished game. I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

  3. More polished game or have they been told Ps4 is coming out late October and didn’t want to get lost in Ps4 talk too much. I hope I’m right with my conspiracy theory.

    • Also I’d say Ps4 won’t be released as late as end of November. In which we all knew anyway as its too close to black Friday.

  4. Yes (more time to clear the backlog of games)!! And Killzone (Vita) is out early September so I can try and finish that before hand.

  5. Shame, I was hoping to play Tearaway before the PS4 consumed my gaming life.
    Maybe I’ll put this on my Christmas holiday gaming list instead.

  6. So it launches after the PS4? That’s a shame. I won’t be paying too much attention (and money) for anything not next gen for quite some time once the PS4 is out.

  7. Very excited for this and the delay doesn’t matter to me at that time of year with the shelves promising to be bountiful.

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