Polls Open At Saints Row IV’s Presidential “Inauguration Station”

Ahead of its launch in a little over 2 weeks time, Deep Silver and Volition have today released the Saints Row IV “Inauguration Station” – allowing players to create their perfect presidential candidate from a multitude of customisation options.

Which, as you’d expect from Saints Row, are anything but ordinary.


Characters created in the Inauguration Station can be uploaded via the SaintsRow.com website and will then be ready to use as playable characters at the game’s launch. Not only this, but you’ll also be able to use the new application to download your favourite Saints Row: The Third characters and update their wardrobes before returning to Steelport.

Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station is available throughout Europe right now on Xbox Live and PC, whereas PlayStation users will be able to take to the polls from tomorrow, after the regular PSN store update. The Inauguration Station will be available on PlayStation Network in the US next week.

Check out the launch trailer, in all its hip thrusting glory below:

Saints Row IV launches August 20th, 2013 across North and Latin America and August 23rd worldwide for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.



  1. This trailer has so much (Ric) Flair. I should probably play a Saints game at some point.

  2. is it a gold only thing, because it’s not showing up on live for me. :(

    i just have to hope it’s actually on the psn store later.

    • after checking out the official Saints Row forums, it seems yeah, it is exclusive to gold user.

      gotta love ms. o_O

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